Lotus Sevens are probably more fun per mile to drive than virtually any other car. With a typical total weight of 1200 pounds and a light four cylinder engine, these cars are fast in a straight line and have go-kart like handling. Their light weight coupled with powerful brakes makes them hard to beat on the track. There was a choice of engines, providing up to 130 HP resulting in a 0-60 mph time of around five seconds and a top speed of 100 mph, depending on axle ratio. For many buyers the favored engine for racing was the 1098 cc FWA 400 from Coventry Climax.

The first owner of record selected to have a Stage III FWA engine installed in April 1986. Five years later the car had a major refit by the second owner, to accomodate his 6' plus height. This work was performed by a well known marquee specialist. In the time period of his ownership, 1992 to 2002 he campaigned the car in 34 races in the Northeast all under VSCCA jurisdiction. The car passed to new ownership in 2004 and was last raced in 2014. While we do not have detailed continuous records of ownership it is apparent from the large number of unidentified location pictures that we have, this car competed on a regular basis at many events.

This 1957 Series 1 has everything. Climax engine. Taylor dog box transmission. Acusump. Lotus 18 Elfin front brakes. Removeable steering wheel. Tilton racing clutch. Healy Sprite rear end with LX LS and 4.88:1 ratio. aluminum tonneau. Lowered driver's seat. Extra leg room to accomodate a 6' 2" driver. Serial number verified with Lotus historical Society . Probably the best Seven in the northeast. Many years of racing with VSCCA and log books available. Lime Rock Park in 1 minute and 7 seconds.

The car is well sorted and a joy to drive, well balanced with neutral steering characteristics. It is ready to race with a minimal amount of major work being required. Looking for a talented driver to take advantage of the performance being offered. In our showroom ready for inspection, driving and SALE.

Price: $42,000


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