Alden Sherman Classic, 2013

  • A Beautifully busy day found ARI on exhibit and on tour.

    The Alden Sherman Classic shared the day with The Nutmeg Tour for Autism.

    Threatened storms behaved perfectly. Dropping heavy rains overnight: the front moved in and out post haste, clearing was timely & Sunday awoke to be one of those beautifully temperate, crisp & clear early New England Autumn delights…..and the rest is history.

    On exhibit: Some cars ARI knows very well.

  • The Fairfield County Concours Nutmeg Tour arrives at The Alden Sherman Classic en force then parks, participates and merges these 2 fine fall events into one enthusiastic entity as awards await. Some ARI friends depicted below:

    On exhibit and on offer at the Alden Sherman Classic with Both David Bate and Michael Silverstein attending and exhibiting.

  • And when the day was done: Alden presented our own Charlie Webb, standing in for Peter Kalikow, the Best of Show award for Peter’s Ferrari 400 Super America. Wendy & Jim Petty also thanked all for a great day. We then ventured down the hill to Veteran’s Green in nearby Westport where the Nutmeg Tour concluded to find yet another award for the crafts-people at ARI in the form of a Share the Passion award. Ann Scheffler presented with assists by Bill Scheffler, Frank Taylor, and Susie and John Shuck . Huge thanks from us to all the hard working organizers who help make these mechanical treats we all savor so socially involving. They really make this hobby a pastime to enjoy. THANKS TO ALL!!

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