Fairfield County Concours, 2010

Creators Bill Scheffler and John Shuck have a great deal to be proud of as do all of us who participated in the 2011 Fairfield County Concour d’Elegance. In just 7 short years these two hard working car crazy guys have built this event into one of the season’s highlights.

We at ARI & VRS are car guys (sorry generic term, car people!) , and we are pleased to be able to participate & support an event of this caliber as sponsors and in a very hands on capacity. Our role for 2011 was threefold; we presented a seminar at Saturday’s club portion of the event, serviced Saturday’s tour-rally Rich and Jean Taylor put together in a tech-support and tow-if-needed capacity, contributing to the overall as a sponsor with a booth attended by ARI staff throughout the weekend. Alongside all this was a good measure of client car support for exhibit preparation, assistance, and transportation of cars for both Saturday and Sunday’s activities.

Finally come show day. I was pleased to be included among a terrific group of judges to pick some winners from a field of wonderful entrants. Hard job as the field is so good that all are winners in my view. Among some a large group of vehicular histories most beautiful and interesting, this year featured some of the stuff of this hobby. The excitement of barn finds as a class was just great, as was a large gathering of exhibit quality, original unrestored vehicles second to none. I think we have Miles Morris and FIVA to thank for this along with all the exhibitors…well done Miles, it added a level of depth the display not seen elsewhere!

The whole story can be found on the web at http://www.fairfieldcountyconcours.com. We were pleased to see a number of our charges garner awards, pleased to create 4 very special awards for presentation among some awfully nice Tiffany blue box acknowledgements and delighted to see so many enthusiasts enjoying this great event. It’s the pictures in our slide show that tell the story best.