Greenwich Concours, 2012

Bruce Wennerstrom has once again proven himself to be quite the man about cars. His admirable Greenwich Concours legacy continues unabated with yet another superb two day event held in 2012 on June 3 and 4. The sun shone, the exhibits were superb, and entrants, spectators and sponsors found a lot to savor.

We enthusiasts and supporters at Automotive Restorations and Vintage Racing Services are once again delighted to have been a part of this event. Arrive early, get a couple of hundred very perfect cars parked and ready then help with all those details that make it all work well is the mission. Bruce’s structure works nicely and we were all pleased to do our part. Add to this that we found quite a number of the vehicles we’ve had our hands in on the field and the quality of participation builds. The photos tell the tale. A huge thanks to The Wennerstrom family, all those we worked with to see this come to light, and all those exhibitors and sponsors without whom we’d be lost.

We were once again happy to have the opportunity to help with Bruce Wennerstrom’s early summer New England motoring milestone. This was the 17th consecutive Greenwich Concurs and once again, Bruce had done all the homework such that it came off perilously close to …PERFECT. Well, OK perfect is simply a fantasy with an event of this level, but despite some weather gremlins and all the usual pitfalls, another fine exhibit ensued with good times had by all.

Some significant storms dropped a good deal of rain on Friday night into early Saturday morning. The weather Gods were on the side of car lovers though as the sun poked through around 9AM and stayed with us albeit behind the occasional puffy whole mass for the whole day. No shows, yes a few but the field of superb machinery was both well populated and quite exceptional. The forecasters had not quite called it right. They predicted rain for the morning. How could they know it had been banished by the gleaming radiations from fine automotive objects d’arte? Crowds were thin but built through the day. Awards aplenty were presented by days end and quite a few exhibitors went home delighted with their day.

Sunday is Concours Europa and what a day it turned out to be. The field of machinery was a treat for even the most jaded of aficionados. By 9:30 all was in place and the judging commenced. A distinguished group of experts kindly gave of their time both Saturday and Sunday to select the best among a full field of the best. Hard work indeed but done by just past 2PM such that we could start our drive by presentation on target about 3:00. Ed Herrmann, Jeb Ebbott, and Larry Prince did presentation of the honors after Bruce’s introduction. All went well with People’s Choice going to the marvelously Avant Guard RR PIII and Best of Show to one absolutely stunning Horch exhibited by Judge Cassini.

Pictures tell the tale for all the friends of ARI who found themselves on the field for the event. Thanks to all for going and showing. We all very much appreciate your participation as do all those who were able to feast their eyes on and learn a bit about some gracefully aged fine cars.

Let the judging begin.

Photo credits GDM - Gregg D Merksamer photo, RT - Ray Tehan photo