Greenwich Concours, 2017

  • Two days of speed & style that we were pleased to help make happen. For well over a decade, the car people at Automotive Restorations Inc. & Vintage Racing Services Inc. have staffed the Greenwich Concours to get the cars properly parked, the awards ceremonies on track and keep things running like clockwork. 2017 was special year in this event’s evolution. It marked the first year of the 2nd generation of Wennerstrom family’s ascendancy following the passing of Founder Bruce Wennerstrom. Mary Wennerstrom took the reins with the help of husband Leif and sister-in-law Bria to grow and refine this start of the classic motoring season tradition. We A.R.I. hosts & helpers were happy to help as in years past and enjoyed being a part of the weekend. It all went just as it should and we are sure that our traditional New England area start of summer event will endure and prosper.

  • ARI’s key men proprietors Brian Oliver & Tony Christy were busy at the ARI booth all weekend long. On offer and for spectators’ viewing pleasure were a pair of superb Aston Martin DB4 and DB5 convertibles along with a 1965 E-Type Roadster we restored some time ago that is looking for a new stable!

  • On the Lawn for the sunny and sublime Greenwich Concours Americana Saturday, we find Andy Benenson’s stately 1936 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 85 Phaeton (above), Hans Abrahams’ 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint Coupe, which was later to win the Vintage Rallies Award, and Brad O’Connell’s exceptional under-500 mile 100% original 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible Bicentennial tribute edition. All cars we’ve enjoyed helping with at A.R.I.

  • Son-in-law Gabe Gilligan & Pamela Gores drove their ARI-restored 1927 Springfield Rolls Royce P1 Playboy Roadster from New Canaan on Saturday to good effect. Right, Mary Wennerstrom presents them an award of Speed & Style.

  • Michael Graham’s 1937 MG L series boat tail roadster was to be found residing along the harbor’s edge along with another wonderful bit of Pre-War sporting machinery. Joining Micky’s MG was Bill King’s 1930 Aston Martin International. This is a pair the crafts people at ARI have fettled with recently and in the distant past. Michael told the judges all possible, and was recognized with an award for both Speed & Style!

  • Left: Andy’s awfully tidy 1964 Porsche 356SC Roadster awaits a good look by the Judges. Center: Micky Graham relaxes post judging. Right: Andy and Bob chat it up on this comfortably Casual Concours Sunday.

  • Finding friends and cars we’ve cared for on the field is always a plus; spotted was Philip Richter’s outstanding 1988 BMW M3 & Myron’s beautiful Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio drop head presenting a good contrast of eras and styles.

    On the Italian front we found the Levethan family’s Fiat 1100 convertible and… A best for last, Joe Nastasi’s incredible Tipo 33 Alfa Romeo that we’ve helped him run at Watkins Glen & Lime Rock

  • Frank Giarrantana‘s R-Type Bentley Saloon was restored quite some time ago. We were responsible for the finish and interior. Frank did all the rest… beautifully as these photos and his well-deserved Greenwich Award of Speed & Style attest.

  • At A.R.I. & V.R.S. we are rally preparation specialists having sent our efforts round the world to compete in vintage rallies from Peking to Paris to Rome to Auckland and beyond!! It was nice to see cars we’ve had our hands on garner the Vintage Rallies Award for both days of the event. Right: Walter Eisenstark, who has had a long rally career, and his Siata 208 Balbo Coupe take the honors.

  • We at Vintage Racing Services & A.R.I. worked closely with Lime Rock Park and Murray Smith to assemble a group of Historic Festival race cars that exemplified some of the qualities Greenwich Concours International and Lime Rock’s Historics Festival share. It was quite a group and rewarding to see two cars we’ve cared for recognized. Richard Kresch’s rare and capable Beach-Abarth (right) garnered a Greenwich Award of Speed & Style and Drake’s Jag ???...just turn the page!

  • Saturday afternoon’s showers stopped neither Drake nor event Grand Marshall Bill Warner, seen above guiding his choice for the Grand Marshall’s award. We thank Drake and David Darrin for getting this superb, oft-raced family heirloom to the exhibit and Bill for his great taste in cars.

  • Meanwhile at the Bonhams auction tent, we are pleased to see a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL we restored along with Jaguar XK 140 and Morgan Plus 4 we’ve been tending find new homes. Well-sold and well-bought to all as befits the transfer of a sound collectible to new curators.

  • An old friend returns. We were both surprised and happy to see this machine we ran in vintage racing years ago for our friend and client Woody Southwell. None other then the E-Gal Jaguar special found its way into the Lime Rock circle we helped create. Now in the capable hands of Nick Soprano …. We just might see this mighty machine tear up the tarmac at Lime Rock, Watkins Glen or?? Once Again.