La Carrera and VRS (2004-2007)

  • 2004 and a new need for more speed; Just arrived @ the shop “Thumper” a California based road racing Corvette with quite a history. Lots to do to get it into rally format: We go to work with Tim Ritchie (below) taking things apart.

    Spring 2004 with road race to rally and Pepsi color conversion underway. Then lower right delivered to Tuxtla with the VRS crew and under the Pepsi tent while Rebecca Olaffson meets the Michelin Man.

  • 2004 comes to an end with a solid and hard run finish for team Shanahan-Smith, Pepsi Corvette. Car worked well as did drivers though there were a few long days and nights. Speed, yes PLENTY with one stage seeing nearly 160 MPH.

    Post Carrera 2004: The car worked well but there is certainly plenty to do to be 2005 La Carrera race ready.

  • 2004, The Ford's Streaking Comet

    Also Prepared, delivered and supported by VRS in 2004: Si and Vicki Ford in their quick & reliable 1966 Mercury Comet. These two have a long list of international rally accomplishments. They finish well as usual and head home happy after a drive they’ll long savor.

    Si and Vicki’s next stop with their Trusty Comet: Targa New Zealand…quite a bit farther south than Mexico, and another good finish!! Ralliests of the 1st order indeed.

  • 2005

    2005 & 2006

    Past mid point and all VRS supported cars are running well. Some are less fortunate and we are glad to see our guys soldier on quickly and reliably while on tarmac. Rusty’s Studebaker in the stream, under the bridge below did in fact get back into La Carrera. GO RUSTY!! The Cobra Daytona went home.

    2005 Carrera Corvette Concludes another strong run as Murray explains nicely!

    Ralph & Stephan are back in 2006. FAST HAPPY GUYS!!!!

  • Shanahan Smith Pepsi Corvette back on the road and F A S T in Carrera 2006. Brian, Sven & VRS on the job to keep things up to speed and working just right! Truck & trailer close behind!

  • 2007: A three car year for Vintage Racings Services

    The VRS Support and assist is there to run Bill and the Vette with light assist when needed for returning Ralph & the “new guys”, Dave Gussack, and Dennis Rouse running Bills original 1956 444 Volvo.

    2007 La Carrera includes some circuit racing. Here we see Bill chasing down Ralph and that fast Falcon.

    Bill, Murray, Corvette, Sven, Gund & Brian work together like clockwork as we MOTOR ON!!

    2007 concludes with a good finish, but there’s a new car in Bill’s Carrera mindset as he and Murray savor a great Vette, a good rally and a job well done.

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