Lime Rock Historic Festival 34

  • Lime Rock Historic Festival 34

    A celebration of Speed, Style & the fun to be shared, Playing with Great Cars

    The come as you are Gathering of the Marques event looks nicely filled in come Sunday morning with some exceptional machinery: Ferraris, a Cisitalia, and 2 Glas BMWs in GT and Cabriolet form!! Wow.

    While the Gathering is gathering, the Sunday in the Park Concours builds in. The Automotive Restorations Inc. staff helps host & arrange a superb exhibit. Here we find cars awaiting judges and a chance to show their wares. Above left: Pamela and Gabe’s P1 Rolls. Center: Bill’s Aston Martin 1.5. Right: Andy with AC Bristol.

    Not quite perfectly parked just yet ??...... we find a couple of cars recently out of our shop: Henry’s superb Cisitalia Vignale 202SC spyder and Drake Darrin’s Kaiser Darrin awaiting attentions.

    And still more Friends on the field early on a beautiful early fall morning: From upper left in clockwise rotation: Fred Applegate exhibiting Tom Fuller’s Aston Martin DB4 Series III. Our very own (and available) Alfa Romeo Giulia SS coupe. Phil’s exquisite Norton 750 Commando and a twosome of Andy Benneson's cars: His tastefully period “Hot Rod” 1949 Cadillac Sedanette and his freshly restored Porsche 356 SC cabriolet.

    A pair of beautiful blue machines we’ve enjoyed tuning up a bit recently. Upper right, Leslie and Brad’s 100% original, minimal-mile 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V limited production Diamond Jubilee Edition had not a flaw and two very entertained owners. Henry had some muscle on the grass in the form of his 1968 Camaro RS SS 396 Coupe. Yep when talking muscle, it is not long before the guys have the hood open and talk SPEED & style. LRP’s Mantra!

    Speed and style = show and GO! with the race cars seen on track Friday, Saturday & Monday sharing the spotlight in one of the best displays of vintage and historic competition machines to be found anywhere. Look right and the point is made. Top Row from the VRS paddock on display--Chris’ series 2 Corvette, Brian’s ride, the VRS Volvo 122s & Mike’s sweet and reliable 356 complete our drivers’ Sunday in the Park exhibits.

    LET THE AWARDS BEGIN: We at ARI assist Lime Rock’s production of Sunday in the Park by hosting the classes while I help Messiers Smith and Barber at presentation time. Here I fill in for Mr. Smith to present Andy and Elizabeth with a Sunday Best award for their really nice and now back in original livery Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet. Once Andy got the mic I was in a bit of trouble. I think he may have been threatening to point out a flaw or two the judges had missed…all in good fun. Great car and a well-deserved award chosen by Judges who really know their stuff.

    Left: Gores’ son-in-law Gabe Gilligan saunters up in Pamela Gores’ terrific 1928 Springfield Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Playboy roadster to take home a Skip’s Sunday Best award. Right: Bill King and his newly restored 1930 Aston Martin 1 ½ Liter International model touring car take a well-deserved first in class, winning the Gatsby’s Delights, luxury and speed for coach built cars built prior to WWII.

    Murray keeps the procession at pace: Here two ARI restorations receive due and proper recognition. Above is Tom Fuller’s friend, actor Fred Applegate, graciously thankful to receive his 1st in class. Henry had a Camaro to attend to so Charlie Webb drove to the podium & picked up Henry’s first in class below. Left: hosts have a push to the podium. Cisitalias are made to go and not idle. The award cue = time to shut down & push.

    The crescendo is coming as Andy’s 1949 Cadillac Sedanette finds the podium to receive its class award followed closely by not one but two Lancia D50 recreation racing cars attended by crews from the Revs institute and 31’s owner and driver Peter Giddings. Both were on track, both were on display and it was quite a display of great machines. Peter’s Award: The Racers Reward for cars that race on Saturday and show on Sunday while the Collier’s Revs institute car took the Pick of the Paddock award home.

    THE FINALE: From front to back: our honored collector Wayne Carini’s choice of favorite motorcycle, a 1928 Indian Scout, Tim Raindle. Best of Show, Lulu and Tony Wang’s GREAT Tipo 61 Birdcage Maserati and the Jones family 1912 Thomas Flyer was People's choice.

    The Cast of Characters who brought Sunday in the Park & Historic Festival 34 to a fine conclusion: Above: Event organizer Murray Smith interviews host Skip Barber. Left: Wayne Carini salutes his honored collector award as both Murray and Kent look on. Great guys, great show, great fun!

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