Pebble Beach, 2012

There’s nothing else quite like it anywhere in North America. It’s as close to perfection and it is a magnet for all who cherish fine automobiles and the art thereof. Pebble Beach is a cut above the rest, even if that Monterey peninsula fog bank is a bit slow to leave the Sunday proceedings. Sure it’s busy, sure there’s traffic and occasional minor inconvenience…but remember all the people causing the fuss are of like mind when it comes to great cars. This is a community bonded by enthusiasm, common interest and an exceptional range of activities all centered around great cars. We are always delighted to be a part of this weekend. We have been found supporting racers at the Monterey Historics, escorting projects to Quail, assisting auction activities, or focused on the event that created the weekend; The Pebble Beach Concours d ’Elegance.

2012 was another terrific year of mid-August events. We did have some sales activities to attend but our prime focus was the exhibit of two superb automobiles at the Pebble come Beach Golf Club Sunday. Tour first; show later is the rule and both Peter Kalikow’s Ferrari 410 Super America and Richard Kocka’s Pegaso Touring bodied coupe were doing the tour. Charlie Webb and I are busy getting them ready as Brian handles some sales considerations in “Auctonias” far and wide. The tour went off as planned though the Pegaso needed some help to get home. The Ferrari made it all the way back to Carmel, but something came off a tire and sheared a brake hose with Peter doing a good job to bring it back home safe and sound.

Clean, clean, clean and detail is the order of the day after the tour. We were delighted to have Peter's right-hand man, Mark Aglora, helping as there was plenty to do. All got handled in good time and show day found us on the podium with Richard and Brad’s Pegaso finding a well-deserved 2nd in class. The photos tell the tale. Thanks to all and especially all the organizers who do so much to make this busy weekend calendar of great things work so well.

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