Sunday in The Park, 2013

  • Tense at times as always, exciting events run the gamut. Weather threats were overcome and graciously accommodated. We at Automotive Restorations Inc. and Vintage Racing Services Inc. were delighted to be both participants and production assistants. The whole ARI and VRS crew could be found servicing racers, populating pit lane and organizing one of the best exhibits of seldom seen interesting race/road/rally machines of pedigree to be found anywhere. An exceptionally qualified team of judges picked among the perfection displayed by our approximately 250 invited guests.

    Weather…well….why worry we said, Sunday in the Park enthusiasts are of a determined disposition and it won’t affect this day!!! WELL we were proved right: despite over night downpours on an exceptional scale and a mid day shower…IT DIDN’T!!! Sunday in the Park 2013 set both exhibit count and quality of exhibit records. Huge thanks due to exhibitors and spectators alike…WELL DONE!! This notion of a Concours of where road fully meets track has magic that is not deterred by a weather.

  • So who among the ARI group made the trek and braved the blow? Jeri Barret got up early , cranked up his lovely Mercedes Benz 300 Adenauer salon and hit the road…early. “The best part was that marvelous morning drive conquering all those great Litchfield County, CT roads” said Jeri. Roger Werner made the trip In his Ferrari 250 GT Lusso finding a 1st in class award when the day was done. The O’Connells were on the field with their terrific 1966 Cadillac Eldorado Biaritz convertible. When it was time to drive up for presentation of 1st in class…Brad was evicted, Ms. O’Connell was in the driver’s seat saying…”Well, I’m told this is my car!” Andy and Elizabeth’s Cisitalia 202 Pininfarina Sypder was the apple of our honored collector Larry Auriana’s eye and awarded accordingly. There was indeed one creative Volkswagen project on exhibit. It was nice so see Keith and constructor Dean’s newest creation; a V10 Viper powered VW Karman Ghia Custom find favor as so did quite a number of cars we’ve had our hands in come awards time. Larry Auriana, with brother Mark, Joe Colaseco and Francois Sicaurd put on an exhibit of vintage 2 and 4 wheel fast road & racing machinery from Larry’s collection that had us all drooling. What a treat, exhibited with their gracious and shared enthusiasm for the benefit of all. Frankly we cannot say enough, but huge thanks Larry is a start.

  • WHEW!!! Cunninghams at Lime Rock…could it get better. A major portion of the entire original production run could be found on display along with these choice examples. Chuck Schoendorf did a superb organizational job with both Brigg’s daughter Lucie McKinney and Grandson, Briggs Cunningham III in attendance. That unrestored, superb and unmolested Vignale coupe right was Lucie’s choice for her Lucie McKinney’s Choice honored event guest award. Great Stuff!!

  • Paul Russell drives the Collier collections recently tidied to original 1948 Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa to garner Frederique Constant Watches Best of Show Award as Miles Collier and Scott George chat with the event’s driving force Murray Smith in gracious & appreciative style. Interested in just a bit more? Have a look here.

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