Villa d’Este, 2012

Ferrari fever flows in the blood of Charlie Webb and Mark Aglora, and they were delighted to get there first, but where did they find themselves this fine May day of 2012?

A simply superb spot, Lake Como, Italy, for the 2012 running of the BMW- sponsored Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza, encompassing Villa Erba and some lovely lakeside lawns.
They were relieved to find Peter’s powerful Ferrari 400 Super America #3747 slightly soiled, but otherwise just as it had left home in NYC not very long ago. But where is Peter Kalikow, the power behind these wheels and a man who both loves and knows Ferraris like the back of his hand? No worries, moments later Peter arrives, and the stage is set.

Cleaning, primping, preparing and, of course, some dining and driving ensue. Peter and crew want this car at its best and it is a 10-year-old restoration. It was indeed 2002 when we had Ferrari 400SA 3747 in our shops and we are pleased to say that Peter feels it is still up to the task of presenting as it should at an event of this superb caliber.

All too soon, it is nearly over as Peter drives 3747 up to the reviewing stand in hopes of an award. But something seems not quite right. Event host Simon Kidston announces cars with his usual style, then says "Thanks for coming." As Mr. Kalikow exits stage left, a man suddenly appears, and theatrics ensue as he demands they reverse flow, whereupon our host returns. Was it a plan or a mistake? We’ll never know! We are painstakingly awarded First in Class, while Simon shows just a hint of a smile. Well done, Peter. Well done, Simon. Well done, Mark!

We at Automotive Restorations and master technician Charlie Webb are delighted with our role as restorer of this superb machine and the opportunities we have been afforded to be a part of its continued exhibit popularity. Drive on in fine style, but please remember to stop and collect all those just rewards.

Photos are worth volumes of words and all is here to see.