Automotive Restorations Magazine, Vol. I

Our periodic publication to communicate our culture and what we are all about. The magazine features our customer's car stories, illustrated and explained from start to finish.

Fast Cars of an Earlier Era

Need a few fixes for the speed to return & remain. -

This 1913 National had not run in years.  A museum car for decades it had become a “look not drive” antique. How many years since its last bit of roadwork?...Well this was a bit of a mystery, but conditions found... continue

Motoring into a more relaxed future

Machines of Our Past -

Things and machines of our past can be comfortable and relaxing…..Larry and Diane had their eyes on this one for years …..and a plan. They had watched it far to the north in a garage on the coast of Maine. They had seen... continue

Top This!

Awesome Austin -

“Top This” he said as he dropped off a beautifully restored Austin Healey 3000 nearing the end of a long and painstaking restoration. Well, indeed we did. Yes it was only the top we custom made and fitted for Peter, but... continue

Siata Set Straight

Speed and Shift Restored -

We’ve had great deal of experience with the Fiat 8V engine; especially as it applies to Siatas.  It is a clever and very rare (<300 produced) little 2 liter all alloy  V8 of early 1950s  origin.  Light and capable, it... continue

Fond Ford Memories Restored

Prepping for another century -

Rob remembered it as a much enjoyed part of his childhood.  Watching and riding…then driving as this machine did the chores around his home.  Fast forward nearly 50 years…and there it sat,  several moves later and still... continue

A Good Gordon England's Emancipation

That’s a Gordon England Austin 7! -

“That’s a Gordon England Austin 7” he cried as it sat there on our shop floor. “My God”, said the very Austin Savvy Murray. Note the photos; a barn find hardly covers it! That fabric body in red and black with just a... continue

Good Humor

There's Simply Nothing Better! -

What could be  more appreciated at  a  child's birthday party or when the fancy strikes ?   “The Boys”  A.K.A. Phil and Tom,  had helped pay for their respective educations working weekend events with this friendly and... continue

Historic Refinish

A special DB4GT -

This is one very special Aston Martin DB4GT.  It was the most successful of Aston Martin DB4 works competition cars in it’s day and remains well and often driven in competitive vintage events by Jim Freeman.   When it was... continue

California Mille 2012-13

Twice is the Charm -

2012: some axle trouble round 1 - BUT Hans, Samantha and Healey finished …twice is the charm in a Healey 100/4 as Hans has now proved without a doubt. After a cosmetic tidy up and some mechanical work for 2012 driving... continue

Trihawk Trials, Tribulations & Triumph

The Lotus 7 of the Eighties -

Rex called to say his Trihawk was in trouble. Languishing at some shop to our north it sat with little to show for weeks of waiting. Trihawk I said…yes I remember those and I did have a ride a long while ago, but we’re... continue

Trihawk & Lotus 7

Peas in a Multi-Era Pod -

These are very much vehicles emanating from similar mindsets. And so, onto Part II and our pal Walter, a dedicated sports racing enthusiast. It all started when spouse Donna became intent on finding that car in which... continue

Walter's Wonderful WSM

A Quick Sidebar -

At one point Walter, our racing division VRS, and I had campaigned a quick and nimble WSM Sprite achieving a good measure of competition success. WSMs (Wilson Spratt Motors)  are aerodynamic, AH Sprite based small bore... continue

The Road to Adventure

A rally in...Alaska? -

Roadwork is our article title and WOW what a bit of roadwork this project facilitated!! Hans is a vintage rallyist of the 1st order. Trip one was The Alaska Rally which found him and his Mustang negotiating hundreds of... continue

Wheels are Wheels

Restoring the Liz Caliborne Bikes -

We are normally found restoring motor vehicles….but I, for one, am an avid pedal road biker. We all appreciate the pedal bike for the vehicle it is. So, the answer was easy when the designers from Liz Claiborne called... continue

A Corvette Story

Just as GM Built It -

Bill knew a great deal about this car before he commissioned us to undertake the restoration.  He had owned if for years and shared the vintage motoring fun it provided with his kids.  It was almost a family heirloom. ... continue

Renee's Red Ride

That Car From a Youth Revived -

We don’t remember who made the 1st call, it may have been Renee or brother Rick. They had a Triumph in the garage that Renee’s dad had restored for her decades ago. Used and enjoyed then, busy lives had left this family... continue

Another TR Triumphs!

Dr.'s Orders -

Dr. Bill knew what he wanted from the onset. The best Triumph GT6 restoration we could produce. He’d found a very well cared for example and it arrived at our shop shortly after our first conversation. The plan was... continue

Restoration as a step by step process

Inherited from Dad -

Inherited from Dad, this Datsun Z languished for quite some time before Robert resolved to bring it back to its former glory. “I would really like to drive it and perfect it as I enjoy it” was the notion that started... continue

One Fine 57

Barn Resto Rod -

Giff had this one sitting around the barn for years.  “Resto-rod” was the restoration profile with tasteful functional friendly upgrades. “Take your time” was appreciated. Yep, it took years but came out just right and... continue

Long Term Restoration Personified

Twenty Year T-Bird -

This one started in 1988 and took over twenty years…yep, 20+. Chris had owned this 56 Bird for some time when we came together in the late 80s. He was working, we were working and no one was in a BIG hurry or any real... continue

It is Nice to See an Old Friend Come Home

A light service -

It is Fall 2013, Bill’s Benz comes back home to ARI. It still looks perfect! A light service and it will be 2014 ready. Bill has had a great time with the car. It has been shown several times: Amelia Island Concours,... continue