Automotive Restorations Magazine, Vol. III

Our periodic publication to communicate our culture and what we are all about. The magazine features our customer's car stories, illustrated and explained from start to finish.

Barn Finds Brought Back to Life

Viva la Barn Find -

Late fall 2015: Rob’s newly acquired and very well-preserved Nash-Healey is extracted from its 44-year lockup in El Paso, Texas. Though covered in years of dust, it is a barn find of the best kind from a dry storage... continue

Rallyists Revered

Tales from Some Rally Roads -

We do quite a bit of rally car restoration, preparation, sales then follow up with our on-the-road support whenever needed. Pictured here are three rally-ready machines awaiting pickup for The New England 1000 event.... continue


The Only True American Sports Car -

A Ferrari racing and marketing legend by the name of Luigi Chinetti once said that the only true American sports car was the Jeep. Sporty body, minimal weight and able to leap tall logs and climb even muddy hills!! True... continue

Four Trips A Bit Back in Time

Luxury Defined -

Pre-depression Prowess: An old friend returns. We restored this terrific Springfield, MA-built Rolls-Royce Phantom I Piccadilly Roadster for the family a couple of decades ago. Back simply for service... continue

A 2002 Revival

A Major Refresh -

We last saw this rare machine in 2004. It was being used and enjoyed and needed a coat of paint to tidy up appearances. We did just that and some service to keep a great collector car on the road. Jump to 2015: Years of... continue

Alfas on the Road

Two Italian Beauties -

THIS ALFA SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOURS. Longtime vintage racer Ed had this Alfa Romeo Giulia SS 1600 tucked away in his garage for years. It was a solid car needing only some service and a good aesthetic massage. We bought,... continue

A Country Squire's Revival

Vintage Style All Season Long -

A COUNTRY SQUIRE’S REVIVAL. Pseudo wood grain restoration proved quite tricky: In many ways it is harder than restoring the real thing. The Di-Noc grain applique must all come off. First we fix the fiberglass wood... continue

1963 Buick

Another Blast From the Past -

The 1963 Buick Riviera was a personal luxury car created by General Motors. It set the auto show circuit on fire in its era and these photos show us why. We restored this example for Walter Lucas well over a decade ago... continue

A Porsche Project Parade

Fall 2015 into Fall 2016 -

FOUND AND WELL-BOUGHT: Jim had been looking for a 356 roadster for awhile when he found this tidy Drauz-bodied 1962 Super 90 Cabriolet.

Cadillacs, Cunninghams and Challengers

The Three C's -

Let’s start with one very large and distinguished Cadillac project. The Mission: Dave’s daughter Natasha was soon to go to the prom and a vintage car guy just can’t let any limo suffice.

Build a Buick Your Way!

A Sense of Detail -

American Muscle was the menu, Buick Skylark the platform and Engineer Wayne had us build it his way making a more Grand Sport Buick than the factory even did while incorporating some neat upgrades. This project had been... continue

Sourcing a Shelby

A Good Deal -

Finding the right car is something we do often for clients. Richard had been looking for some time when we both located this machine our friends at Cobra Automotive had on offer. We gave it a good look, it passed all... continue

Dino Damage Deleted

A Fresh Coat of Paint -

Alan’s long-owned and much-enjoyed Ferrari Dino needed a bit of service not to mention a nasty bit of lower left rear damage repair. Soon apart, hands on the metal to straighten then the whole car to bare metal... continue

Color Testing Done Right

A Quick Preview -

Collectors seek special cars and this Ferrari 330 GT Speciale is in name and design, just that. Peter had his eye out for some time when this very dark blue example came up for sale. Repainted it was, so a color change is... continue

Ferrari Flavor

A Taste of Italy -

Another tidy up in a continental flavor: Roger’s Ferrari ran OK but used a little more oil than norms allowed.

Roads to Pegaso Perfection

5% of Total Production -

One done and two to go. Above right is the 1957 Pegaso Touring Coupe we completed some time ago that has been awarded at Pebble, Amelia, & Greenwich. Left: an earlier ‘55 Touring-bodied coupe and right, a Saoutchik... continue

750 Norton Thunder

Two Takes -

2016 was quite a year for Norton 750s at ARI. Phil is in the electronics plating business and enjoys taking his bikes all to bits, restoring the components then assembling to perfection…BUT…as he’ll tell you, he is not a... continue

Sunday in the Park and The Greenwich Concours

Two Great Events -

WE HAD A BLAST….TWICE IN a row: We were pleased to support both the Greenwich and Lime Rock Historic Festival’s Sunday in the Park Concours events in 2015. ARI Staff helped host and administer. We were delighted to see... continue

Variety is the Spice of Life

The Point of this Edition -

The photo below says it all with a ‘60 Cadillac Eldorado fin poking a Ferrari 250 Boano coupe’s tail. We’ve done quite a bit of both these cars from very different points of view. We appreciate them all. The skills... continue