Our collective experiences:

View photo essays, stories and slide shows on some of the few cars we've had the pleasure to work on.  We showcase some of our more unique or interesting projects, but also included are some examples of the everyday work we do at the shop.

The automotive press is always excited to feature our latest and greatest.  Please take some time to read the articles in some of the publications that our work has been featured in.

ARI is literally all over the world during the course of the year.  Here we showcase some stories and slideshows about our travels to various locations for shows and fun.

Herein is a photo gallery that represents just a small segment of all of the different marques and manufacturers that we have had the pleasure of restoring.  Browse the marques below and take a short stroll down memory lane with us.

We don't like to toot our own horn, but in this instance we're going to. Our work has been awarded and acknowledged at events both near and far. Within is a small sampling of the awards our work has garnered along the way.

We love our customers, and they love us!  Explore this section for proof.  We showcase some of our more colorful notes & letters from satisfied customers.