1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I Springfield

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Rolls-Royce of America produced their US domestic Phantoms in Springfield, MA. These varied from their English cousins but had the same superb engineering under their bodies. US production began one year after their English counterparts. Many of the American cars wore bodies produced in house by RR Custom coachwork, which unified the Springfield models somewhat. The purchase of Brewster and Company in 1926 meant that 26 designs from the board of Carl Beck were available and the cars were bodied in Long Island City. Like the English Phantom, the new model greatly updated the Springfield Silver Ghost chassis and running gear, until 1929 when the Phantom 2 was released. Due to prohibitive tooling costs the Phantom 2 was only manufactured in England.

The engine in these cars was a cast iron six cylinder of 7668 cc with dual ignition by coil. Power was 108 bhp @ 2300 rpm, a live rear axle with hydraulic dampers and a three speed manual transmission.

The car shows 34,900 miles on the odometer. One year ago this car had a complete mechanical evaluation and road test prior to purchase by the last owner. An overhaul was undertaken, which included engine checks with oil analysis, complete fuel system refresh, remove and balance wheels, epoxy coat wheels, replace battery, minor paintwork with over $7K being spent. The car now starts and runs as it should. The car has been driven minimal mileage since this major service. The car is stunning with green body and black fenders. The chauffer's compartment features burgundy leather and is sepertated from the rear passenger compartment by a roll up glass window. The rear passenger compartment is upholstered in a greenish gray decorative cloth.

Here is the perfect chance to own a classic Rolls-Royce knowing that it is ready to be driven and offers all the great pleasures of Gatsby era motoring.

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