1941 Cadillac Convertible Coupe

Series 62
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In the aftermath of the great depression, it was increasingly clear to luxury car builders that the days of custom coachbuilt bodies were dead and that shared platforms and factory bodies were the wave of the future. Cadillac had prepared for this with the acquisition of both Fisher and Fleetwood body works and had long offered a variety of standard catalog bodies. Under the direction of Harley Earl, and with input from newcomer (and Earl protégé) Bill Mitchell, Cadillac was on the cusp of a styling revolution. The classical, upright and full-fendered 1939 models were handsome but looking dated in the face of competition from the stunning new Lincoln Continental. 1940 models began to hint at the future, though the biggest news of that year was the addition of the Series 62 to the catalog. While it was considered an entry level car, it was anything but basic, offering a wide array of equipment and body configuration. 1941 finally saw the true breakthrough with the restyled Series 62. Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell had created a stunning machine that featured modern, integrated headlamps, slab sides with minimized running boards and magnificent detailing from the grill rearward. Thankfully, the performance matched the looks and as a result, sales quadrupled over previous years and broke a sales record that dated back to 1927. Today, these early Series 62 models are highly sought after by collectors and drivers alike thanks to their exceptional quality and delightful road manners.

This handsome 1941 Cadillac Convertible Coupe is a very nice example of this significant and highly desirable pre-war Caddy. It has been in the care of the same family for the past 30 years and presents well, wearing an older restoration quite respectably. The black paint is very attractive, showing some patina and checking in places but maintaining a very honest appeal. The bodywork is straight and tidy with good panel fit. Cadillac eschewed side-mount spare wheels and large running boards for the 1941 Series 62, giving a cleaner, more integrated and modern look; but of course, there was still plenty of chrome décor to catch the eye. This car wears good quality chrome trim, particularly on the ornate egg-crate grille. Bumpers and other trim are straight, tidy and free of major pitting or blemishes.

The cabin is warm and inviting, having been re-trimmed in brown leather few years ago to a very good standard and seeing little use since. All switchgear functions well as does the canvas folding top mechanism. The lovely dash is dominated by an intricate center gauge and radio panel and the wood grain finish is in good overall order.

Mechanically, this Cadillac is primarily quite sound, although some attention is required due to a period of disuse in recent years. The 346 cubic inch flathead V8 runs strong and smooth, putting power through an easy-shifting, synchronized 3-speed manual gearbox. A thorough inspection in our world-class restoration facility has found it to perform well, with that solid feeling of a car with “good bones”. However, we do recommend that the brakes be overhauled before embarking on any major drives, and a few minor fluid leaks should also be addressed to get the most out of this wonderful car. Of course, our team can handle any of these mechanical needs prior to delivery if so desired. On the subject of driving – it is well known that the 1941 Cadillac Series 62 is one of the finest choices for pre-war touring. The performance belies their age and the road manners are simply outstanding for such a large car. As a recognized CCCA Full Classic, this 1941 Series 62 is an ideal choice for CARavan touring and other similar events. With minor fettling, she can be back to full song and ready as a loyal touring companion. The honest and attractive cosmetics make for an even more irresistible package.

These rare and desirable Cadillacs mark the intersection of pre-war and post-war design. They combine classic, elegant styling by two legends of design with exceptionally capable performance. This fine automobile requires little to be an enjoyable and reliable touring car and it will surely be a welcome addition to any collection. Offered at $64,500

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