1948 MG TC

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The model T Ford put Americans behind the wheel of a practical and affordable every day car, but MG put Americans behind the wheel of a true sports car.  With the economy starting to boom after WW2 MG found themselves getting requests from returning US servicemen who wanted to drive the MG’s they had seen in England.  By the time production of the TC had ceased, more than 6500 of the little sports cars had been shipped to the US. 
The TC was small inside and barely held two people, but its sporty looks made up for all its shortcomings  and the car was an instant hit.  Later models, TD and TF tried to update the original design but nothing quite compared to the original design.
The car featured a 4 cylinder engine of 1250 cc th twin SU carburetors,making just 54 horsepower, mated to a four speed transmission with non-synchromesh first gear.  With solid axles front and rear, semi-elliptic springs and lever action shock absorbers, the car had a harsh ride.  Top speed was around 75 mph.
The car shows 212 miles on the speedometer.  Cream exterior with red interior.
Body type: B280 Body #: 9836A 40109
Vehicle # TC/10084 Engine # B 51791
This car was owned by a lady driver and she drove it occasionally over a 15-20 year period.  After that the car sat in storage for another 15 years.  A year ago the car received a partial mechanical restoration.
The car is complete and unmolested.  The convertible top and interior are almost new.  The car comes with a new tonneau cover.  The paint shows signs of age with cracks on the hood panels.
This car would make an excellent project car, with a lot of the work already completed.

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