1952 Porsche 356 Coupe

356 Coupe
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This 1952 Porsche 1500 Super Split-Window coupe (S/N 11141, Motor #30097) is being offered by its second owner who purchased the car 39 years ago. This is one of the best surviving and properly restored early examples in existence. This car was manufactured in Stuttgart in October 1951 and was imported to the Max Hoffman Porsche dealership in New York on January 30th, 1952. The car has mostly 1951 features and is one of the first 1500 super engines. The car went through a major restoration to exacting original specs in the early 90"s. It is the only 1952 split-window with 356 interim bumpers with all original aluminum pieces intact. The motor, transmission and floor pans are original. The number “141” can be seen stamped on all body panels, deco strips and interior cloths.

Max Hoffman"s involvement with Porsche is why Porsche went from the integrated bumper (body bumper) to the interim bumper. This style bumper was a very short run, ending in – "52. Original interior patterns and the aluminum trim pieces that silhouette the front and rear bumpers, the original toe boards, one original side of the split window, along with bolts of material for the headliner, seat vinyl, and bennington corduroy are included. The wood trim on the door tops and below the quarter windows are original and unique to this model. The Telefunken radio is also the original.

The engine is one of the first 1500 super engines to be produced. Adapter plate extensions on the intake manifolds were used to raise the carburetors to go from 32 PBIC to the larger 40 PBIC. Aluminum pieces include a hand riveted fan shroud, hand hammered fuel pump tray, breast plate behind the crank pulley, air filters and flat tray over the cylinders. All aluminum parts have factory stamped numbers. It is believed these pieces were left over from race production and used to meet Porsche"s production needs for cars being sent to the United States. The transmission is a 4 speed non-synchromesh. Shop manual included.

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