1969 Chevron Gropa

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GROPA CHEVRONS overcame the compromises of the Chevron B8's and were the forerunners of the Chevron B16 and B19. In 1969 rule changes were proposed that would make the Chevron B8 uncompetitive. Andrew Mylius was a dedicated B8 driver and he called Derek Bennett, the founder of Chevron and consulted with Bennett about modifying B8's to take advantage of the new rule changes. Bennett and Mylius struck a deal and the Gropa Chevron was born.

11 Gropa Chevrons were built, the first 8 were made by converting B8 chassis and the final 3 were built by Chevron. The car being offered for sale is GROPA Chevron #4711, the last GROPA built. The first MK1 GROPA Chevron took first place in the 1970 BOAC 1000KMs at Brands Hatch.

#4711 was originally delivered to a customer in Germany. From there the car was shipped to Canada, where a front splitter and rear wing were added. The car was then shipped to California. The car was bought by the current owner from a Mr. Pommer. While he never raced the car he sent it to the Chevron factory in the UK for a total restoration, including jig straightening, sanbblasting, painting and all new alloy skins. The car is fitted with a Hewland FT 200 gearbox with 0 hours.. A new 0 hour Cosworth YBM motor will also be supplied, mildly tuned for an expected 4-5 race rebuild window. This unit makes around 260 HP on the dyno.

This car has run successfully in several races and full details are available and additional technical specifications are all covered. This is a great car in top condition and can be a pole car with a driver who is able to use its full potential. Please call for further details.

Price: $160,000

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