1972 Chevron B21

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Engineering genius Derek Bennett and his Chevron racing cars have a unique place in the history of racing. He was unassuming, quiet and shy to the point of seeming cold, but possessed and his intuition for engineering and design was like no other, even though he had no formal education in these areas. Still, Bennett and his cars enjoyed great success in formula and sports car racing from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. In this era, six Formula 1 champions had, at key points in their careers, driven a Chevron. Bennett’s place in racing history began in a small shop in England, where he fixed cars for a living, His love of racing and lack of funds propelled him to build his own car rather than buy one. Bennett, a talented racing driver in his own right, won his first race in his first car, then immediately sold the second car he built and went on to compete and triumph over established racing constructors, including Brabham, Lola, March, and Ralt. As many other race car builders, Chevron offered its cars with various engines choices. Today, the extremely competitive and successful Chevrons are highly sought after for vintage racing. The B21 featured here is one of those examples. Chassis number 17 has been well campaigned and maintained though out its life. Currently is it powered by a Ford YBM 2.0 Liter engine, producing 270bhp. The YBM’s power is transfer to the wheels through a Hewland FT200 Gear box ( that comes with additional ratios). The car comes complete with all documentation and an extensive spares package, including consumables, wheels and a spare Ford YBM 2 litre engine. A chance to own a good piece of Chevron/Derek Bennet history. Specifications Chassis: B21 #17 Engine: Ford YBM 2.0 Liter ~ 270bhp Transmission: Hewland FT200 Brakes: Four wheel Girling brakes Color: Red/White

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