1973 Lotus Europa Special

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The Lotus Europa was manufactured in England by Lotus cars from 1966-1975. In 1971 the car was updated by the “Special” edition which replaced the original Renault 1470 cc engine with a twin cam Lotus-Ford engine of 1557 cc which developed an increased 105 BHP. In addition, this new engine met the new US federal emission standards. The car also featured a re-designed body shell to improve rearward visibility. In 1972 a new strengthened Renault four speed gearbox was added. 1580 of these cars were manufactured before Lotus switched to the big valve version of the engine and designated the model as the “Europa Special” and it now generated 126 bhp. Weighing in at 1631 lbs the car with a 5 speed gearbox would make 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds and had a top speed of 123 mph, quite a hearty performance for a car of this vintage. The car offered here is a unique vehicle in terms of its extensive restoration and modifications. Not in order of any significance the following is an abbreviated summary of work performed:

  • Car was totally stripped out including all glass and chassis frames
  • Body shell was media blasted down to the gel coat
  • Engine and 5 speed Renault gearbox were totally stripped and rebuilt
  • Hydraulically operated clutch replaced the cable actuated original
  • Dual brake master cylinder fitted to improve performance of the non-servo original brake system
  • Replacement chassis and components media blasted and then powder coated
  • Body shell painted in Lotus “lagoon blue”
  • Heat reflective film installed in engine bay and cockpit/bulkhead area
  • Chassis re-assembled with all new wheel bearings, new UJ's, new rear brake cylinders
  • Front brake calipers honed and rebuilt with new seals and hardware
  • Steering rack stripped and rebuilt
  • Correct new tires fitted to all four wheels
  • Shift linkage overhauled with all joints and pivots rebushed
  • Wiring loom overhauled including installation of new BD10 main supply relay
  • New dashboard and crash pad fitted
  • New clutch, all new motor mounts, new coolant hoses and alternator
  • New positive return throttle linkage for WEBER carburetors
  • New cold air box and filters, custom big-bore headers and stainless muffler
  • New heavy duty battery and HD cables installed
  • Total interior replaced, seals ,carpet , headliner , using all UK sourced correct material
  • Custom adjustable shocks fitted to all four wheels
  • Gas strut kit fitted to rear engine bay /trunk lid
  • New aluminum fuel tanks, all new plumbing, woven SS lines from pump to carbs

Everything works, the car is quick and handles without vices.A great driver with competition potential.

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