2014 Summer Finale

The end of summer 2014

No, no tears as fall racing simply gets better. Temperatures drop, air density increases oxygen levels build and both drivers and cars go F-A-S-T-E-R!!! A summer’s gone but...this one was well raced and enjoyed.

How’s this for a summer finale?


It does not get much better!! Two great Historic racing events back to back as summer subsides and fall slips in. The 32nd Lime Rock Historics, intermingled with a superb Sunday in the Park “road meets track” Concours exhibit...Then a full day of races on Labor day Monday...and then… but two days later: The Glenora Wine Cellars US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, NY. So, with 2 days of downtime then we were all back up to speed. The 32nd Lime Rock Historics and 27th Watkins Glen Vintage GP embodied the running of the rabbits, ponies and thoroughbreds of vast varieties. All too soon trucks were loaded and we were back home.

How time flies when you’re having fun!!

ON TRACK WITH VRS FOR THE 32nd LIME ROCK HISTORICS: Porsche drivers Roger Werner & his 911, Ed Mettleman and 914 with Dave Gussack and yours truly, Kent Bain in 914-6s to complete the Stuttgart lineup. Also running well and having a great time were Dave Gussack in his rental racer, the VRS Swift S2000, Mark Starr in his Lola S2 and Alex Heckert in his powerful 1966 Corvette. Roy Walzer camped right next door and so Glen and VRS crew could help him do an awfully tidy job of running his Lotus 23, and get details on others.


Setup and race ready happened Tuesday at the open practice. Roy Walzer’s team formed our southern edge. ABOVE: On track @ left hander - one sure could not miss the VRS truck looking hard right. Meanwhile, Michael had some nice race ready hardware on offer: A GT350 and Spitfire 1300.


Above: VRS Chief Tech Brain Rechtiene on track and running well in his quick blue GRD formula B machine. Alex put a lot of laps on his 67 Corvette dropping times all the while. Right: Dave in his Porsche 914-6 moves up fast and closes in on Alex in the left hander. Dave makes the pass moments then carries on with his habit of tormenting some much more powerful cars with Porsche and driver precision.


Ed Mettleman had his Porsche 914-4 2 liter cranked up and running well all weekend. Kent Bain’s 914-6 spent as much time chasing fellow VRS racer Dave Gussack(without a pass!) as it did trying to get around that pesky E type after David had a rear tire meltdown.


Roger Werner kept his early 911 moving nicely, shiny side up and consistently in the running . Dave Gussack took the wheel of the VRS Swift S2000 to good effect while Mark Starr’s Lola was clean and on line all weekend long. Good fun, good racing and no errors!!!


WEDNESDAY: Just two short days after The Lime Rock Historics conclude we are set up and ready to race at the SVRA’s 27th running of their traditional early fall Watkins Glen Event, The Glenora Wine Cellars Vintage Grand Prix. Big fields, great cars and lots of good racing followed. On track with VRS we find: Bill Branson and Will Till in Formula Fords with Will doing double duty in their vintage early Porsche 911T. Ed Mettleman in Porsche 914, 2.0. Mayo Smith and the mighty 911 2.7. Alex Heckert and his trusty 66 Corvette. Yours truly & Porsche 914-6 with Jim Montana and Brian Rechtiene in Swift Sports 2000s.


THE VRS PORSCHE RACERS AT WORK: L, above: Ed Mettleman, 914-2.0. Mayo Smith, 911, 2.7 liter. Mr. Till & 911T coupe. Kent Bain 914-6. All: exiting turn


FORMULA FORD FUN: Till and Branson were dicing for lap after lap. Bills Titan would find the lead from time to time only to fall victim the wiles of Will in his Elden on the next lap. Good fun indeed. No taps, no touches, no temper to be found. Good job guys!!


ABOVE: Alex uses ALL the road exiting Turn 1. A large mass in motion at high speeds needs all the road it can get. BELOW: Jim Montana in his Swift S2000 and Brian Rechtiene in the VRS Swift enjoy The Glen’s tarmac having a good go all the while. Rains came (Saturday) & went with all was over too soon, ended well with all shiny side up, raced-out and relaxed!! Another terrific SVRA event in the record books; thanks to all.