VRS @ VIR and Lime Rock

V.R.S. Joins V.R.G. @ V.I.R.


With Racers Jim and Doug and Support Crew Brian, we all had a great time with drivers finishing on the podium a time or two.


Mike and Porsche 356SC running strong and looking good as he motors under the pit garage balcony area. Photo F&S Enterprises


Jim Lenehan at speed and tearing down the hill to qualify well up in the field and make easy work of races to come. Well done, Jim!!


Jim down pit straight in his Swift Sports 2000. Jim was consistent & quick, car ran well & these two made a great weekend of it! Photo, F&S Enterprises


Better to be chased than do the chasing. Jim on route to a 3rd place finish in the Porsche and a 1st in class, 5th OA in the Swift. GOOD JOB, JIM! Photos, F&S Enterprise


Mike Zebco had a great weekend with lots of people chasing him each time out. He finished shiny side up with his 356 sounding just right. Where else but VIR do we get covered paddock staging and gold ops? A BIG thank you to the VIR and VRG; we had some fun. Photos, F&S Enterprise


VSCCA, Lime Rock Spring Sprints and rowing contest April 14th and 15th 2017. Well, no shower needed after the race here. Each session was a double feature. Drive and Shower. Racer Richard packed it in but Andy Williams and his trusty Austin-Healey Sprite opted to perfect car control under demanding conditions. Here we see with helmet off just driving round the pits to get his hair washed!! Above right: A reprieve as Saturday afternoon the sun showed and track dried at last!


PARTING SHOT: VSCCA Lime Rock …RAIN!! Andy keeps it all in hand and takes a soggy Friday Checker in his rapid and roster-tailing Austin-Healey Sprite. THE UPSIDE: Car control lessons & then May’s flowers.