This beautiful Lola T-70 Spyder was constructed by Lee Chapman Racing in New Milford, Connecticut using original front and rear fabricated steel bulkheads which John Bright found in California, while working in IMSA on a Lola T600 team. The bulkheads were confirmed to be from a Lola T-70 Spyder MkIII, primarily because of the way they were constructed and the position of their suspension pickup points.

The bulkheads were repaired, restored and fitted to original specifications at Fox Racing Development in the UK. New skins were cut from Bob Simpson's patterns and the tub was assembled on Fox's jig, true to original specifications. New suspension components were fabricated, replicating the originals. The tub and component parts were then shipped to Lee to be completed stateside for Pete Gulick, who had purchased the project the year before.

Peter Marcovicci Engineering of Long Island, built a new smallblock Chevy using all of the best quality parts available, a Daley dry-sump system, lightweight crank, rods and pistons, and Lucas Engine Kinsler-type mechanical fuel injection. “Smallblock” is a deceptive characterization since the engine produces more than 700 BHP and massive torque.

The transmission is a new Hewland-style LG600 and new original uprights, steering, and driveline components were all fitted.

The body is a Lola T-70 MkII Spyder, primarily because it incorporates headlights whereas the MkIIIB does not. Consequently, night enduros are now an option.

The final product was completed almost three years ago and, apart from one test session at Lime Rock last year, the car has remained in storage at LCR. Right out of the box, the Lola recorded lap times in the 54 second range.

Although the car was derived from original components, there is no way to identify the original (VIN) since there were no obvious markings on the chassis parts. Neither could the owner remember their history, which is often the case.

The car is exceptional and ready to race. It will eat Cobras, Porsches and Corvettes for lunch; and despite the immense power to weight ratio, it is surprisingly easy to drive. Alternatively, with minor adjustments this Spyder would make a great showing at your local Cars and Coffee on Saturday morning.

Photo records of the early construction of the chassis in the UK as well as others of its completion here in the USA are available. Call for more details.

Price: $295,000


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