Racing with Amelia for a good turn of speed on a car crazy isle! 


So, how’d we do? 

The weekend one was full of all the usual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance fun and excitement.   First and foremost,  we had a GREAT time!  Richard’s Pegaso Z103 by Touring took an Amelia Award home, the Cisitalia got rave reviews in a tough class of great cars but compliments had to suffice.   Ed’s beautiful Bentley Park Ward Coupe looked great but was somehow out voted.  That unrestored Saoutchik Pegaso coupe we struggled to tow on field was a center of attention with Richard enjoying a memorable day of discussing Pegaso history.   We were all enthralled by the display of this rare and fascinating Marque. 

Weekend two, perfect!  Though driver Jim Lenehan collected some hay bale to nourish to keep his Porsche 914-6 steed at speed, he made it work!  Better yet…he found the finish line in first place for his Sports 2000 race with a very clever last corner, last lap pass to take the checker


We’ve got a lot of people to thank for this the art and entertainment we all enjoyed but it all starts with event founder, Triumph racer and enthusiast extraordinaire Bill Warner.  Bill’s pictured above right with SVRA president, Tony Parella, (center) keeping warm in the pits at the SVRA race just days after the Concours…and he’s racing that Group 44 TR 6 we see behind.  Thanks Bill!! ….  And  now time travels a week back – The Concours Story follows:


Ah Amelia, 2016


Pegaso was the featured exhibit and the field was really something special.  We were pleased to have two cars we’d had our hands on exhibited among the 15 or so that made it into the show.  Noting Pegaso’s total production was under 100 cars having 15 assembled well over 5 decades after production ceased was something of which event founder Bill Warner and his team should be very proud.   To accompany our two Pegasos at Amelia 2016 we had another terrific piece of automotive art.  Completion of the project was down to the wire…but we had it all done in time concluding a multi-year restoration.  Being shown for the first time was a car that has been off everyone’s radar for decades.  Stored in Argentina for years, and restored to it’s original glory in every way Cisitalia 202SC Vignale Spyder # 054 was on the Amelia lawn for 2016.   Our Amelia Island activities this year involved  still more, quite a bit more found it’s way into our Semi for this late winter trip south.   Attached to the Concours event and running the following weekend was an SVRA historic racing event.  Up on the top deck we loaded a Swift S2000 sports racer and a 914-6 Porsche.  3 days post Concours, the Amelia island airport race circuit was created and ready.  This is a welcome revival of prior racing events run years ago and one of the drivers at this event campaigned the car he competed with years ago.    Both events came off without a hitch  and the following tells the tale.   


The Amelia Island Concours starts much earlier than the event date for all of us at A.R.I.  We’ve got cars to prepare and  an untouched “barn find” exhibit to attend to.  While clearly not “concours” typical, the exceptionally preserved Pegaso Saoutchik coupe above right  needs to roll and look its well worn best.  Richard’s Touring bodied red Pegaso we restored a couple of years ago needed only a good cleanup and some minor test and tune prior to its  Florida vacation. 


Also underway is restoration completion of a rare bit of automotive art that has not been seen in public for decades.  Top left:  Sometime just into the present millennium, Cisitalia 202SC Vignale Spyder number 054 leaves it’s Argentinean residence.  It’s February 2016.  Our long project is coming to a rewarding  end as the Automotive Restorations Crew gets this fine car ready for it’s debut @ Amelia. 


We’re off then there! The Saoutchik’s back together; we load up!  The ARI semi and our charges arrive unscathed.  Shannon’s  found a garage for safe keeping.  Unloaded and cleanup comes next! 


Amelia’s Saturday field placement plan is a good one! We Place The Pegaso Saoutchik and Cisitalia on the field Saturday afternoon then cover up till morning.  Above, ARI’s Charlie Webb and historian Marcel Massini inspect.  Top Right:  it is indeed early on Sunday as Richard, Brad & Pegaso Touring Coupe arrive in a fast flash.  As dawn breaks my camera tries hard to stop the low light motion…but they’re too fast!! 


Richard’s Pegaso Z103 Touring coupe is no stranger to Amelia Island having taken a fist place award at the event on it’s first time shown in 2013.  It was a treat to be back in 2016 and a part of an exhibit of 15 of these rare and exceptional Spanish Machines.  Sunday morning:  on the lawn  ready and looking for  judges


SIDEBAR….15 Pegasos on display!  Well less than 100 of these cars exist.  We at Automotive Restorations are pleased to have undertaken restoration work on 4 though not all we’d seen made the show.  We savored these 15 superb examples.  Right: The Cupola, avant-garde in design, color  & concept took  deserved Best of Show Concours d’Sport


Richard’s Pegaso  Z102 Saoutchik Coupe got huge amounts of unrestored attention.  He enjoyed a busy day of “Pegaso talk” a subject on which his expertise shines.   Rewarding & enjoyed.


Inset: We’d had this S1 Bentley in the shop just recently for some touch ups….And there they were:  Ed, Kurt and the NY guys.   Nicely placed pond side and enjoying a great day with Ed’s gorgeous Bentley Park Ward Continental coupe.  Kurt had it ready and right .  We were pleased to have helped with a few little “touch ups” in the weeks just prior