It was P-O-U-R-I N-G all day Wednesday and much of Thursday with temperatures hovering in Fahrenheit's less than comfortable 40s!! Would the field dry in time? Would the sun shine? Would we ever get warm and why did we all bring shorts? Questions sure did abound, but in the end it all worked wonderfully. Please have a look for yourself.

Amelia’s weather magic prevailed yet again. Thursday: cold and rainy. Friday: cold and still damp. Friday night: promise. Saturday and Sunday: dawned perfectly below!


FIRST ENCOUNTER: Tom and Nita arrived on Thursday afternoon. Our frame up restoration of their Aston was finished the night before we loaded up and left Connecticut. Their reaction on first seeing the results of our efforts would have been worth the whole trip even if the weather had not magically moved north. They were signed up for the event tour on Friday morning…IT ALL HAD TO WORK right out of the box…and IT DID! Tour completed without a hitch, ribbon affixed!! Meanwhile Andy’s superb Cisitalia 202 Spyder is out of our trailer and awaiting our attention for exhibit prep and polish.


SATURDAY AM: Brian and I are on post tour clean up duty for a deserving Aston Martin DB4C and Cisitalia. We then setup on the field later on a sunny and warm Saturday. Saturday placement is a gracious, entrant courtesy convenience Amelia offers. Southern Hospitality indeed!

AWARDED: Judging got underway early and soon we knew. Andy and Elizabeth’s beautiful recently A.R.I. refurbished Cisitalia had garnered an Amelia Award. They were delighted as the smiles attest and soon driving up to receive the prize. Note a car given to long graceful idling about, we worried…but Andy did a great job of keeping it cool and comfortable through the process.


A DAY WELL SPENT: At show day’s end, Tom and Nita were full of good cheer. Compliments on their restored car abounded. It was a treat to be among such an exceptional class of cars. We all enjoyed the day and the whole weekend as can be seen in these “Bondish” photos of Martinis in hand. You can see the whole story of Tom's Aston here.


A SURPRISE ON THE FIELD: We find Dennis’ Ferrari alloy Boano coupe, just recently out of our shops, on the field and on exhibit looking outstanding in its tour de France theme livery. As it started left and on exhibit right.


At the end of a Great weekend, the Auctions were a highpoint in both sales numbers and inventory. We were lucky to spot something on our looking list. We found Tony the SLR he was seeking thanks to RM Auctions with an appreciated assist from Don Rose. The Amelia Island Concours weekend is a not to be missed for car collectors one and all. Our thanks to all who work hard to make this a weekend not to be missed in a car collector’s calendar. We look forward to doing it all again in 2015. Keep up the good work Bill and all those who so ably assist our shared enjoyment


MERCEDES MCLAREN SLR -As found under RM’s tent – soon bought –then back at the shop in good classic SL company and awaiting Tony’s 1st test. All went well to finish the whole package out nicely. Great car lovers weekend!