This particular C-Type, chassis number 009 has lead quite the life. In the early 50's, Bob Fergus bought 009 and painted over the original silver with a classic British Racing Green. Sadly, the the racing paint couldn't help Bob put together a successful season. 009 was then sold to Dr. Wyllie, who campaigned the C-Type throughout the summer to ultimately win the 1954 Seneca Cup at Watkins Glen. 009 changed hands a few more times before ending up with the current owner's father, David Darrin.

David Darrin had the Jag painted blue and used it as a sunny day cruiser. 25 years later, a complete restoration was commissioned by David. David Darrin passed away in 1984, so his sons David and Drake saw the restoration through to completion. The C-Type was shown at the Jaguar Concours in Newport, Rhode Island in 1985 and sat neglected for sometime after.

Following a second restoration and race preparation in the nineties by the Vintage Racing Services division of Automotive Restorations Inc., David & Drake's C-Type found it's way back to it's rightful place...on the track! Drake competed in VSCCA and SVRA events with Vintage Racing Services support and preparation through the 1990's until retiring the car from racing duty once again in 2000. Following a decade of family use, Automotive Restorations was again commissioned to undertake a cosmetic "tune-up" in 2010 with some show and exhibit duty for the venerable 009 in the plan. Following this third round of restoration, this mighty cat has since won awards at the Greenwich Concours, Limerock's Sunday in the Park and Nassau Speed Week. The pictures say it better than we can...enjoy!