The automotive press is always excited to feature our latest and greatest.  Please take some time to read the articles that our work has been featured in.


Ford Performance, Jul. 2019
Jeffrey Wacker and His ‘64 Comet Survive 4,963-Mile Alcan 5000 Rally

When we first put Rally and Endurance racing fan Jeffrey Wacker in our Fan Spotlight last August, he told us he was going to enter his 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente…

Mesh New England, Spring 2019
Open House

“Nearly 500 automotive enthusiasts braved the high winds buffeting traffic on I-95 to gather at Automotive Restorations Incorporated/Vintage Racing Services…”

Mesh New England, Holidays 2018
Back In Blue

“This 1953 Siata 208 CS Balbo Coupe fell victim to a texting-while-driving incident. We learn how it was brought back to life—in award winning fashion.”

Cars Yeah, No. 857
An Interview with Kent Bain

The Cars Yeah podcast interviews our very own Kent Bain. Please click here to listen.

Forza, No. 160
Ferrari 166MM 0300

Please click the link below to read Forza's treatment on the one of a kind Ferrari 166 we restored. Please click here for our coverage of...

Vintage Racing Quarterly, Oct. 2017
Fast Fun with SVRA

See the coverage of various events attended by the VRS crew by clicking the link below.

Atlantic Lady, Fall 2017
A Rolls Royce In The Family

A handsome and elegant Rolls Royce restoration as featured in the fall edition of The Flying Lady. Please click below to download.

No Name Magazine, Vol. VI
A Partnership of Purpose

The Sunday in the Park Concours is the bailiwick of Director Kent Bain and the Gathering of the Marques is a clever construction of Lime Rock...

Historic Motor Racing News, March 2017
Long Distance Rallying

Readying for the rigors of long-distance rallying requires a partnership. “The selection and preparation of a suitable rally car is an art that...

Vintage Motorsport, July 2016
A Visit to Our Shops

Vintage Motorsport magazine visited ARI and VRS, capturing the full scope of our projects and the knowledge and talent of our staff. Download the...

Classic Motorsports, July 2016
Problem/Solution: Paint Chips

Follow along with Owner/Operator Kent Bain as he discusses the steps required and products that remedy an all too common problem with cars that see...

Flying Lady, June 2016
1960 Bentley S2

The chase has been on by many to view and learn about the one-off Wendler-bodied Bentley S2 LLBA9 that we were fortunate to have the opportunity to...

NewsDay Cars
194 Cisitalia in the Garage

In The Garage by David Fluhrer. The car and its owner: 1947 Cisitalia 202 Vignale Cabriolet owned by Henry Miller. What makes it interesting…

VENU, Summer 2016
Limerock Historics

Off to Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 34 we were for a weekend of vintage racing and Sunday in the Park Concours and Gathering of the Marques...

Mother Nature Network
Car collecting is hot, but you can get burned

Read as owner/operator and restoration specialist Kent Bain weighs in on the classic car market. Get the needed insight into the market prior to…

VENU, Spring 2016
The Art of the Restoration: Amelia Bound

A beautifully written article detailing the trials and tribulations of showing a car at the Amelia Island Concours. Please see the link below...

Road Racing Lincoln Register, March 2016
A tour of our facilities

The Eastern National Meet of the Road Race Lincoln Register included a stop at our facilities for a tour and Q...

Vintage Racing Group Newsletter, August 2015
Who is Kent Bain?

Linda from VRG interviews owner/operator Kent Bain about everything related to car restoration and vintage racing. Please see the entire...

Vintage Road Car, December 2014
Kent Bain Interview

Below are some images of a recent in-depth interview from our friends at Vintage Road Car magazine. You can download the complete article below. Be...

Connecticut Post, July 2014
Works of Art on Wheels

Off a nondescript side street on Stratford's west side is an astounding treasure trove of automotive masterpieces. It's not a car museum, although...

Octane, Feb. 2014
Dark Horse

An excerpt from the article: Poring over this spectacular 166MM barchetta in all its freshly restored glory, it takes quite a leap of imagination to...

Classic Motorsports, Nov. 2013
Driving the Legend

This particular C-Type, chassis number 009 has lead quite the life. In the early 50's, Bob Fergus bought 009 and painted over the original...

Vintage Road Car, Nov. 2012
Restorer Spotlight

Founded by Kent Bain and Charles Webb in 1978, Automotive Restorations, and its racing arm Vintage Racing Services, has grown to become one of the...

Cadillac Past, Jun. 2012
Shop Tour Report

Despite the rain, an enthusiastic group arrived on March 31st for a combined New England Region/Lower Hudson Valley Region event at Automotive...

Classic Motorsports, Jan. 2012
Viva La Carrera

La Carrera Panamericana Throws Down a Weeklong Gauntlet of Vintage Rally Racing on Mexico’s Most Dangerous Roads By Rich Taylor, photography as…

AutoWeek, Apr. 2007
Escape Roads

The elegant four-door convertible body style is commonly associated with prewar classics and the 1961-67 Lincoln Continental. In the 1930s,...

AutoWeek, Feb. 2007
Escape Roads

The Jeep was created in late 1940 by the American Bantam Motor Company too meet the Army's requirements for a light-weight, go-anywhere, general...

Hemmings, Jan. 2007
Right Place at the Right Time

Kent Bain’s Automotive Restorations & Vintage Racing Services rode the ‘70s car boom to success. Spending time at Automotive Restorations & Vintage Racing Services in Stratford, Connecticut…

AutoWeek, Dec. 2006
Escaoe Roads

Henry Leland was a New England Mechanic machinist who learned his trade with various companies, including Colt Firearms, a firm that excelled in precision...

Forza, Nov. 2006
All About Elegance

What started as a pleasant visit to the 2006 Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza ended with my most difficult "Best of Show" vote ever. This was the...

AutoWeek, Aug. 2006
Works of Art on Wheels

Off a nondescript side street on Stratford's west side is an astounding treasure trove of automotive masterpieces. It's not a car museum, although...

Octane, Jul. 2006
Italian Style, American power

Ferrari 410 Superamerica, Winner of Best in Show at this year's Villa d'Este concours, this Pininfarina-bodied 4.9-litre Ferrari represented the...

Forza, Dec. 2005
Bella Turismo

Superamerica – the name says it all. The SAs are big cars with big engines, designed to cover wide-open spaces at triple-digit speeds in comfort...

Classic & Sport Car, Jul. 2005
Out of the Woods

Think American woody and most associate the half-timbered classic with California surf culture. But the image of a '40s Ford wagon loaded with beach bums…

Performance Business, Jun. 2004
Auto Restoration / Vintage Racing Services

Kent Bain just did not want to sit behind a desk all day. Son of actor Conrad Bain (TV series Maude and Different Strokes), Bain grew up in the...

Vintage Motorsport, Mar. 2002
The Fitch-Whitmore Le Mans Special

Vintage Motorsport, March/April 2002 With American ingenuity and a British engine and Chassis, here was a race car doomed to oblivion because...