Fast Cars of an Earlier Era

This 1913 National had not run in years.  A museum car for decades it had become a “look not drive” antique. How many years since its last bit of roadwork?...Well this was a bit of a mystery, but conditions found evidenced years and years since use. Further, a few key systems had been modified or had become “unworkable” over years for “never to be determined” reasons. Ah the mysteries of the ages???

On the plus side, the patina was perfection and major key bits where all in place and relatively easily revived. A bit of research first and some help from Bob Harrington showed the way. Fuel, cooling, ignition and other systems were soon restored and operating. A measure of component correction, tires and a tidy up – JOB DONE! Testing was a treat – This certainly proved a FAST car of another era. Good fun to both revive and drive. Off it went to David Gooding’s auction. It then found a new home working just as it should.

Work had been underway for quite some time on this 1910 Simplex model 90 race car when it arrived at our shops for completion. Some paint, a top, seat upholstery, securing strap fabrication, a spare tire mount built and other fixtures were the order of the day. First was completion of a top frame to original design then it was onward and upward from there to return a road ready racer to it’s owners, Simplex aficionados of the first order who enjoy not 1 but 2 Simplex cars.