Long Term Restoration Personified

This one started in 1988 and took over twenty years…yep, 20+. Chris had owned this 56 Bird for some time when we came together in the late 80s. He was working, we were working and no one was in a BIG hurry or any real hurry at all for that matter. Time and restoration have comfort zones. Parts shopping stretches finances, quality is best unrushed, and savoring the process is part of the pastime. It has indeed been a cordial, mutually comfortable and productive relationship with time helping achieve a quality completion.

Chris, a chef in Manhattan with a schedule that is far less easy than the schedule he let us work on partook of the process. As many a fine meal under his care… this restored “T-Bird” did at long last come to pass. Chris with brother in tow came up, picked up, drove away and has been savoring this great Thunderbird ever since.