Motoring into a more relaxed future

Things and machines of our past can be comfortable and relaxing…..Larry and Diane had their eyes on this one for years …..and a plan. They had watched it far to the north in a garage on the coast of Maine. They had seen it run and they had seen it languish. With a long planned retirement actually coming to be, it was a time to enjoy some proper vintage British sports car motoring and FUN!

“When did it last run and how solid is it?” we asked as Larry described the car he’d managed to obtain from its owners of long record. “I really don’t know” was the honest answer “but my bet is that it is pretty original and sound.”

He was right…easy restoration to good drivable standards and miles of smiles since. Motor on with all our best wishes and call if you need us! So far so good and it’s been a good while!!