Renee's Red Ride

We don’t remember who made the 1st call, it may have been Renee or brother Rick. They had a Triumph in the garage that Renee’s dad had restored for her decades ago. Used and enjoyed then, busy lives had left this family heirloom to languish and its time to re-shine had come. Into our shop it came. British sports cars are part of our culture at A.R.I. We shared Renee and Rick’s enthusiasm to see another Triumph triumph by soldiering on to be driven many more sporting miles.

It was not long before the complete project outline was on the table. The time frame was a comfortable...”get it done as you can”, and away we went. It took a bit over a year to deliver just in time for summer 2013 use. Renee and Rick have now been tooling around in their TR for some time now, the fun is back and all is well. The pictures and captions tell the tale best.