Siata Set Straight

We’ve had great deal of experience with the Fiat 8V engine; especially as it applies to Siatas.  It is a clever and very rare (<300 produced) little 2 liter all alloy  V8 of early 1950s  origin.  Light and capable, it was a natural power choice for  small Italian sports  car coach builders in period. 

Well…there are a few  8V tricks learned over several rebuilds and many hours on the dyno to help these  motors live a long and healthy life.  The 8V transmission  they employ has some similar needs.   Then there’s the legend of Siata and all the great cars they created.  Our kind of job indeed! 

Restored when purchased  Bob had little reason  for concern…but the shifting was getting worse and the oil pressure was inconsistent.  No stranger to the exotic car world, he was soon in touch.  Our own Charlie Webb said;  “can you drop it off for a look?”  Bob did just that then:  diagnosis complete with oil lab report reviewed -  drivetrain comes out  - problems repaired and upgrades incorporated .  Soon Bob is happily motoring in Siata style and collecting a well deserved award at Lime Rock’s Sunday in the Park Concours.