Trihawk & Lotus 7

These are very much vehicles emanating from similar mindsets. And so, onto Part II and our pal Walter, a dedicated sports racing enthusiast. It all started when spouse Donna became intent on finding that car in which husband Walter might re-live yet another vehicular portion of his youth. So directed it took but a while until...We found it! A substantially original but somewhat tired 1962 Lotus Super 7 residing in Southington, CT. No sales pitch needed...Walter knew these cars well and was delighted by Donna’s surprise. We had run Loti and Chevron race cars that Walter drove decades ago.

As found, this one needed restoration but was really right; all the numbers checked out, it had the right “rocket” gearbox and a past hill climb history documented and delivered. What better car for Walter than the essence of the British ultra-light sports concept? The photos tell the tale. This project goes back a couple of years so we can recount more and offer something special. Walter’s now had his fun with this bit of vehicular life relived! This great 7 is available through our sales guys. A call to David on 203-377-6745 x 37 will do the trick.

Our role as restorers has always gone far beyond the skin. We have always been they guys to “make ‘em look AND perform as they should.” We very much enjoy seeing projects approached from all angles as this Lotus was. What a treat to practice our auto craft reviving both speed beauty on such a variety of great machines!!!