Bentley Continental Conundrum

Lost was the sad tale of a 1999 Bentley Type R Continental SC Sedanca left side roof panel. The only thing left was the upholstery owner Andrew was able to recover off the highway after the semi did its work. They built only 73 of the cars in total so a replacement was not on any shelf. All but glass had to be hand made in our shops with care and attention to form and function.

This was indeed a hard job. Creating the drawings, then the complex body plus all the brackets, latches and pieces to make it work properly with but the other side as pattern. That is where we earn our stripes. Below an excerpt Andrew shared with us from an e-mail responding to his insurer’s claim follow up. We much appreciate being appreciated.


Thanks for calling today. I always enjoy talking with you and appreciate your on-going interest in my long standing, singular and probably, very strange claim.

Automotive Restorations has done a very fine job of fabricating and fitting the new port-side removable top for my Bentley. While last winter I suffered the winter cold topless, this year's winter has been another story, with both tops securely in place, windproof and weatherproof, and only a good pair of eyes and a magnifying glass could possibly discern any difference between the new top and the pre-existing one on the starboard side of the car.

I'm pleased to say that the car won First Place in the RROC Atlantic Region Concours, again, this last fall, and continues to be a traffic stopper whenever I drive it anywhere, post office, bank, gas stations, yacht clubs, Costco, Bloomingdales, Army-Navy stores, the Salvation Army, whatever.

I have a photo print of the car, open top, in last winter's snow, with me in my rather cumbersome fur hat, which I am going to frame and send for you to enjoy, which I hope will be a fond remembrance of our time working together.

Thank you so very much again