Hurricane Sandy, Strike 1

There it sat, alone in Scott’s garage and ready for some classic motoring fun then Sandy, a tree, and a garage leveled onto his lovely little Mercedes Benz 190SL convertible. Unlike the next Super-storm Sandy story car, this windshield survived though the frame was bent such that the seal did not meet the cowl. The rear body suffered most, so we were soon apart and repairing all needed to put the car back to classic condition.

An interesting insurance aside that applies to both these jobs: If your regular everyday car is badly damaged/totaled, the marketplace determines your compensation from your insurer. So how can collector policies pay less than market value when the worst happens? They have in the past, and we’ve helped owners contest this for years, but as of now in Connecticut the insurers are responsible to reimburse collectible loses at market no matter the value assigned at the time the car was 1st insured. All we can say is collectors in CT owe Scott a bit of a thank you for this hard won and just insurance accommodation!!!