Two Jags & Two Reasons, Part 1

Tom’s been a Jaguar guy for years. Having completed an award winning coupe restoration for Tom decades ago he was ready for an E in tastefully enhanced form.

Tom found it somewhere; Newport, RI if memory serves. There it sat circa 1990...painted light blue with a later bonnet and in running condition. Deal soon done, Tom simply drove this car for years before handing it to us to restore and improve. We added a bit: uprated engine, 5 speed transmission, enhanced braking materials, better roll control, and special offset wire wheels with more a correct bonnet and more. We included other reliability focused cooling and electrical upgrades to yield one fast, fun and RELIABLE Series I Jaguar E Roadster.

Just as Tom designed it, with colors well suited and a whole group of tasteful, well integrated enhancements to really make this Cat Scat. Note those Webers, wider tires on stock body...there’s much more inside and it works very well!!