Build a Buick Your Way!

American Muscle was the menu, Buick Skylark the platform and Engineer Wayne had us build it his way making a more Grand Sport Buick than the factory even did while incorporating some neat upgrades. This project had been started elsewhere, poorly. It had to go back to bare metal. Onto a chassis dolly with a lot of restart from scratch to properly realize Wayne’s vision and sense of detail.

LOOK CAREFULLY AND YOU WILL SEE: gaps and clearances far tidier than GM ever managed in 1971, trim enhancements, a body surface de-clutter and other clean and neat package enhancements. Electronics were incorporated and the drivetrain produces far more than a ‘71 Skylark GS 400 ever approached. Chassis and suspension follow suit to yield one sweet looking and running machine. Wayne’s plans were well considered and …. WORKED! We were happy to oblige.