2012 VIR Gold Cup


The Gold Cup at Harvey Siegel’s VIR is always a much anticipated race. With its 3.27 miles of undulating twisting asphalt through the lovely Virginia countryside, VIR is a driver’s track and a constant challenge to get right all the way around. New driver, Claude Malette was with us again, this time driving the GRD in Formula B setup and the VRS Swift DB2 Sports 2000 as well. Dave Gussack brought his very fast Triumph Spitfire and, for a change of pace, rented Ben Sinnott’s Lola Sports 2000 for the weekend (much to Ben’s chagrin as it turns out). We were privileged to have Harvey Siegel and his Elva Courier with us under the tent. Filling out the roster, Kent brought the Porsche 914/6 which he always puts to effective use.


Once again, Dave put on a terrific show. The Spitfire was consistently fastest in Group 1, often by as much as 5 seconds a lap. In the qualifying race, we knew Dave was sandbagging in order not to be moved up to Group 3. Finally, on Sunday, he ran away and hid from the field and it was a good thing as, at the last turn of the last lap, he blew the clutch but still managed to win! Having rented Ben’s ultra- slick Lola, while Ben drove his other ultra-ultra-slick Lola, Dave put in the fastest S2 lap of the weekend (a 1:59) and drove it superbly. He and Ben also won the Enduro together.


Claude completed his second race weekend getting a huge amount of track time with both cars and doing a great job. VIR is not an easy track to learn but Claude did his homework and approached it in an intelligent and thoughtful way.


After the Saturday Enduro finished at 7:15 (called on account of darkness), we all enjoyed a good dinner at Jake’s on Main in downtown Danville. I would say a great weekend was had by all.