2017 Double Header

The 2017 Season starts with a Warm Southern Double Header

The fans marched out as Brian Redman & the Redman family hosted us for another Tasty Targa 66 event at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach, FL …then we were onto Sebring for the SVRA‘s …. And some high speed rumbling.

Thursday Afternoon: All set up and doing pre-track tech!


Alex (above) talks Corvette over with VRS tech and semi-driver Harvey. Under the tent for the weekend: Alex’s quick and tidy ‘66 Corvette, Roger’s rapid 1965 911 Porsche, two Triumph Spitfires, our Volvo 122s Amazon rental Rally car and our rental Swift S2000, just in case someone needs a spare.


Alex is sharing the Corvette with son Scott Heckert. Scott’s got a professional racing career going with several wins in the NASCAR K&N series, and Pirelli World Challenge series. For 2017, Scott’s got a ride with Black Falcon Racing in an AMG Mercedes GT-3 car for the Blancpain GT Challenge series. He moved dad’s Corvette around very well, and we look forward to a great season in Europe for this talented young driver. Above we see Scott pulling away from a Ferrari GTO and giving Roger and Porsche 911 something FAST to chase! Go Scott!!!


Roger and Porsche 911 did not miss a beat until….. Someone laid down an oil slick and the white powdery Speedi-Dri replacement absorber came out. After piloting through the dust storm, Roger pulled in: misfire! This stuff clogs Weber air correctors to perfection. VRS lead tech Brian soon had it corrected and Roger back up to speed, above, with post-session discussions on a strong upbeat per photo right.


We enjoyed having brothers Chris and Jeff getting some seat time in Rental Spitfire, Volvo and then the Swift S2000 all in preparation for a La Carrera Panamericana adventure. Above, Jeff really came to grips with the Spit as did Chris though an axle failure ended a session early. The needed axle was in spares and soon installed. Lots of lead-follow teaching then a few fast laps to start the seasonal juices flowing. Yours truly & Spitfire ran well.


The VRS Volvo 122s ran really well for the first two days giving both Chris and Jeff a good idea of what driving a rally-prepared production car “at speed” is all about. The Redman’s fine format allows hours of track time each day to participants, and the shifter was not quite up to the task. No worries, a spare car was soon ready to go and Chris got a good feel for a purpose-built race machine on Sunday.


Chris did not take long to find the line in the VRS Swift Sports 2000. By the end of his second session on Sunday he had nearly an hour in the car and lap times were falling. It was a long trip home to Venice, Italy for one and Denver the other so off the boys went a bit after lunch with a good time and lots of hi-speed learning under their belts. Well done guys!

Sunday Fini:


Harvey and Brian put spares away (left). Keron pushes Jeff back after his final Sunday session, the tent awaits take down and the truck loading.

A few days later.


Harvey’s piloted the rig to Sebring, Tim has flown down to help. Alex and Roger are the wheelmen. Right: noses in anticipation and left, Harvey’s at last minute advice. Scott?- in Europe…racin’ !!



Roger got embroiled in business activities that precluded any race participation. Alex managed the whole weekend nicely with a pair of class podium finishes finding a 3rd in class in race one and 2nd in race two dropping times nicely all the while. Well done Alex! Most important!! Alex, Harvey and Tim all had a great time. Now the tricky part: Harvey’s got to be in Amelia Island, Florida Sunday night to hand the Semi off to Keron, for the ride north then help Kent and Brian with the show and sale cars. More to follow…see our Amelia 2017 story for details.