Amelia Island, 2016


Our Vintage Racing Services crew set up at the Amelia Island Airport for the SVRA inaugural Amelia Island vintage racing event. Our charge: VRS racer Jim Lenehan with a Sports 2000 and Porsche 914-6 entered to compete. Jim had a good weekend. He and his Swift were just that, taking the checker with a 1st Overall. Above: Here’s how that straightaway looks - last lap and up front. Below: Hay bales could not stop Jim and his Porsche 914-6 as he raced on regardless!!


On hand with VRS was Dennis Bigioni driving his magnificent ex-Pierre Levegh 1948 Talbot-Lago. He dominated his pre-war group, winning both qualifying and feature races. Not an easy car to toss around, he had fun sliding through the corners and posting very respectable times.

So, how’d we do?

Weekend two, perfect! Though driver Jim Lenehan collected some hay bale to nourish to keep his Porsche 914-6 steed at speed, he made it work! Better yet…he found the finish line in first place for his Sports 2000 race with a very clever last corner, last lap pass to take the checker.


We’ve got a lot of people to thank for this the art and entertainment we all enjoyed but it all starts with event-founder, Triumph-racer and enthusiast extraordinaire Bill Warner. Bill’s pictured above right with SVRA president, Tony Parella (center), keeping warm in the pits at the SVRA race just days after the Concours…and he’s racing that Group 44 TR 6 we see behind. Thanks Bill!!