Jefferson 500 2015

Brian Redman sure created an appealing tradition at Bill Scott’s nicely designed and recently updated Summit Point Motorsports Park. We’ve been coming for it’s unique mix of racing groups and fine fun flavors for years. Yeah, there’s usually one rain event…It is after all spring in the mid-Atlantic region. This years addition came in a somewhat politely scheduled torrent on Saturday evening as not to interrupt too much spectator viewing or on track fun.


The VRS racers had a blast all weekend long with consistent quick and shiny side up finishes. This year had a special Triumph feature. The Kastner Cup Triumph gathering was a good one as the photos attest (more at Our hats go off to all the other drivers on track who drove smart, fast, and well to the benefit of all and most importantly the Vintage Racer Group, who’ve done it again! Great event and thanks for the miles of smiles!! (more at The photos tell the rest, Enjoy the ride.


Kaz & the winning British Leyland Livery GT6; A pair of racing celebrities just waiting for a race. Sidebar: Circa 2007 when we completed restoration of this car in league with Sam White. We then ran for a couple of seasons per photos below. GREAT CAR!!


TRIUMPH TALES: Yours truly on route to Friday’s Lola Cup race win with my trusty Triumph. This is a 1962 car that has never seen anything but a race track. 1st an SCCA machine then onto its vintage career now nearly two decades old. What a machine!! Right; chasing Herb Wetanson for a 2nd in Saturday’s Lola Cup race…Those Lotus 7s are pesky; especially with that racing veteran Herb at the wheel!!!