La Carrera, 2007

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We have supported La Carrera Pan Americana since 1992 with several VRS prepared vehicle class wins to show for it. 2007 saw Bill Shanahan and Murray Smith up to their tried and true winning ways in their Pepsi & MSD sponsored, VRS prepared 1965 Corvette, along with David Gussack and Co-Piloto Don Rouse in a VRS prepared and built Volvo PV 444. Two trucks, two trailers loaded, spares stocked, cases of water stowed and October 10th finds Tim Ritchie and Sven Eric on the road. Using large semi’s does not work for this rigorous 3000+ kilometer rally . . . The roads are simply too challenging for vehicles of semi size to follow a rally carrying techs and tools that may be needed in a hurry.

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It is a truly remarkable event and 2007 lives up to year’s past. We have some good luck and some bad luck, but it is an invigorating experience every time. Bill and Murray do not miss a beat, finishing 1st in Historic and an amazing 5th overall. David loses an oil pump drive at an inopportune time and makes it quite a few miles on splash lube only. These Volvos are strong. The amazing thing is that though he loses several hours while Tim and Brian work, we get the oil pump corrected, get him back in the hunt and very close to finish line in Nuevo Laredo when a head gasket fails. Nothing to do with the oil problem! David is philosophical and has done well despite the gremlins knowing they ran fast and well when the car worked. The incredible thing is that after 20+ miles without oil pressure, the crank and bearings looked pretty good on disassembly shop side.

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Outstanding job guys, well done on everyone’s part and we all look forward to La Carrera 2008.

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