La Carrera, 2009


5 QUARTS OF OIL! Brian shouted into the phone as a Jet landed at the Laredo Airport to bring Murray, Brian and Bill back from La Carrera 2009. 8 days, well over 2500 punishing rally and race miles, class wins on all days but one and a very solid overall event finish of first in class among a strong field of competitors. Yep, it’s true….the only parts the Shanahan-Smith 65 Ford Falcon required was 5 quarts of oil. Not even one per day!! . Yea sure, there were the usual nightly safety checks, altitude tune tweaking, and driver ergonomic adjustments, but the car performed flawlessly as did both Driver Bill Shanahan and Navigator Murray Smith.


Congratulations are in order to all, not the least of which is the VRS team who, under Brian’s direction with Bill’s insightful oversight assembled another car that could not be stopped or beat. The pictures tell the story and a huge WELL DONE to all who worked so hard and performed just perfectly to put another Carrera properly to bed. YEP, 5 Quarts of Oil…that’s what he said!!!!