Legends Mont Tremblant


Joie de vivre it was…all created by wonderfully welcoming Quebec, superb weather, a legendary racetrack second to none and, most importantly, our hosts Bobby Rahal, Zak Brown, and Peter Stoneberg’s Legends of Motorsports organization.  Together they created an event savored by racers and spectators alike with a relaxed, “we’re here for the fun of it all too” flavor complimenting the excitement.
Track time aplenty, good historic motorsports competition with an on target level of stewardship and safety were hallmarks of our weekend.   Any driver running every session over the event’s four days had all the track time they wanted and a car in need of post event service.  A hot and sunny Thursday practice provided opportunities for sorting both car and driver prior to commencement of the actual Legends event.  Friday’s sessions were foreshortened by a bit of rain ahead of a very welcome cool front which arrived Friday evening This set the stage perfectly for Saturday and Sunday as weather perfection ensued erasing Legend’s racers memories of a rain and fog soaked Watkins Glen weekend just one month prior.   Though track incidents were few and far between, seeing one of the exceptional group of F-1 cars on a flatbed headed out of the track Saturday afternoon caused some concern.   Concern was soon allayed seeing the very same machine on a pedestal in front of Mont Tremblant’s Fairmont hotel heralding the Legends party therein.  Great décor and great party.   Most importantly, thanks for all the generous hospitality.
So, how did the racers under the VRS tent do?  Very nicely.  First and foremost, we all had a great time.  The racing was good and we would encourage attendance by more in the vintage racing community.  It was a respectable field of entrants,  but a few more cars would make the collective experience all the better.  Yes, we know it’s year one for the organization but a bit of encouragement cannot hurt. Our “guys”:

  • Bob Newman & historic 1974 Porsche RSR ended the his race 2nd in the IMSA GTA class & 2nd OA
  • Peter Stoneberg  & 72 Porsche RSR  managed an exceptionally close 4th in class and 4th OA
  • Larry Neviaser & Ginetta G16 qualified 3rd , head gasket failure in Saturday’s race.
  • Richard Kresch & Royale RP4/Lotus ran well all weekend.  Sunday flight time precluded his race.
  • Kent Bain, the VRS anchor ended 3rd in class and 3rd OA in the VRS 914/6 Porsche ….after a great back and forth with Peter.

As usual, VRS manager, Brian Rechtiene and Harvey Thompson did a superb job of looking after the cars and keeping everyone on track and competitive.
Thank you Le Circuit Mont Tremlant and thank you to our hosts, The Legends of Motorsports crew and organization. Together they created an event we’ll all remember fondly. We all look forward to the re-run come 2011. Race on!!