Palmer Motorsports Park, 2016


The Whiskey Hill Historic Races were a good time on this terrific and challenging circuit. It was Spit Racing at its best for a weekend of test, tune and races aplenty. Track time wore both Kevin and Kent out but the Spitfires endured with an assist from Tim Ritchie. Photos tell the tale of yet another much appreciated Vintage Race Group event. Here we can see why they call it a whiskey HILL!!


The Gosselin family did some SUV touring; It was Kevin’s 1st race at Palmer so why not load Nikki and Graham into the Porsche and learn the lines. It paid off later when it got a bit wet. Learning a new track in the wet works…but it’s not the easy way. VRG runs events that allow for lots of on track opportunities, and it is much appreciated.


Garaged! It was sprinkling when we arrived on Thursday evening then rain was a threat from time to time all weekend. Wet work was avoided: Tim & I were glad Kevin had sprung for a garage spot. Thanks Kevin!!


The track time was well used. Here Kevin gets a jump on the Fiat Abarth gridded ahead of him to focus on keeping a Turner at bay into turn one. Lots of races, lots of Fun = VR


Kent, yep it’s yours truly pasting up this Trackside Tale. Good weekend; started on pole and stayed there. I love this track and the photo right explains the elevation changes on this great driver’s circuit nicely! VRG Whiskey Hill Historic races proved to be our Spitfires delight.


Come Saturday evening we were both raced out. With rain promised for Sunday and about 4 hours on track in our logs we both packed it in and headed south. Kevin’s got Palmer down here as he completes his last of several races on pace and relaxed. A big thank you to Michael Lawton, VRG and the guys who carved this track from a mountain!!