Pittsburgh International


In July, for the first time, VRS travelled to Pittsburgh International Raceway (formerly Beaverun) in northwestern PA for the VRG event the week before the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Although we knew from the Jefferson 500 and other races that VRG runs a relaxed, well run event with lots of track time, we were not anticipating the high quality of the track or the facility. Pittrace is a 1.53 mile, undulating track with a good rhythm and flow. Although a bit bumpy due to the harsh winters in this part of Pennsylvania, everyone enjoyed the track and the weekend.

With us for the weekend were Richard Kresch with his Royale RP4 and recently reacquired Beach sportsracer. Richard had sold the Beach a few years ago and missed it so much that he was compelled to buy it back this Spring. It’s now back in the fold and Richard is enjoying it as much as ever. Dave Gussack was along with his fast and fun Triumph Spitfire as well as Kent and the Porsche 914 and I had my Ginetta G16.


Dave was the star of the weekend, driving his Spitfire to first place in two of the four Group 5 races. Richard, thoroughly enjoying himself all the while, was a consistent top ten finisher. Group 4 was a mixed of big bore racers with Porsche 911s and 914s making for some interesting racing. Kent did his usual fine driving to finish third on Saturday. The other mixed bag was Group 1 which combined formula cars from a lone F5000 to a gaggle of Formula Fords with a small group of sportsracers. The G16 finished second on Saturday and third on Sunday.

I can say that we all had a great time and look forward to racing with VRG at Pittrace again next year.