SVRA Mid-Ohio, 2017

A Carbir tale to tell

It was an easy weekend for Tim Ritchie and the VRS guys. Off Tim went to take delivery of two Carbirs. He returned with but one car...and watched the Carbir crew get the 2nd assembled and sorted. The good news; Car one passed the test and will be racing under the VRS tents….with car 2 to follow soon. Quality does take time!


We ventured forth to pick up Bob’s and Marc’s Carbir S2000s, both freshly made ready by “the Works’” Brian Utt and his capable Carbir crew! It was just a test and tune session really to check the fresh and fast equipment’s mettle. One passed, one didn’t. Bob was the lucky one here sitting on grid ready to take to the circuit.


All the while, Marc’s capable Carbir underwent assembly and completion, but it never quite made the track. Builder Brian Utt surveys the situation left; one done and one to go!!. Ready now and testing soon.