SVRA Watkins Glen, June 2013

Watkins Glen in Early June. Great track, great group, so what could be better? SUNshine!

The forecast was daunting: heavy rains, flood warnings. So, what better place to be than atop that high historic high speed ridge that Watkins Glen International inhabits...


Well, it did not turn out exactly as predicted…There was no practice Thursday but come Friday SVRA had the whole machine in gear. Rains were spotty with the odd heavy downpour interfering with on track relaxation. Great chance to test the new gearbox, see if the rains survived the winter and refrain from attempting any sort of heroics. On board and tended by the VRS crew for this first of 2013 SVRA Watkins Glen weekend was:

Mayo Smith – Running both his Shelby GT350 and rapid Porsche RSR 2.7 with which he found the podium on more than one occasion.


Bill Branson, Porsche 911 with some help from Bob Will keeping his trustee Elden FF to himself.


Bob Will running his Winkelmann FF: Runs well, no walks, no spins, no errors.


Larry Neviaser and his trusty Ginetta G-16/BMW were in sync…until Saturday’s enduro undid both.


Saturday was a bit damp at the start, but turned up some good racing. The morning practices all went well as did qualifiers. We got a bit of a scare in the enduo when not long after the start, the race stopped. VRS principal and experienced Ginetta racer Larry Neviaser and the Armco at the exit of the Bus Stop found each other and it did not look good as I drove by shortly after impact. We all worried and wondered as the red flag had us all sitting at track edge, and I could see the emergency vehicles ahead. He’s conscious, talking and alert came the word. Relief for all! There’s no such thing as a good crash but the safety stuff worked and Larry’s ankles will heal. He was both impressed and very appreciative of the superb job the WG emergency responders did to extricate him from the car. Not to mention the exceptional help and support offered by Bob Williams and the whole SVRA organization. Heartfelt thanks to one and all.

Whew!! With Larry getting the expert medical treatment needed, Saturday afternoon was onward and upward. Mayo found the podium, everyone else ran well. 914-6 & I missed Saturday’s qualifier tending to Larry, but my Sunday race went well coming from dead last on the gird to 4th place. The remainder of our group all had a good day knowing our pal Larry would be OK. We raced very much in the spirit with which Larry enjoys and the challenges vintage road racing offers. Another big WELL DONE to the SVRA with thanks for a well-run and most memorable, if slightly soggy, adventure packed weekend.

Yep…He did it again…Mayo Smith, Porsche 911 RS and that WG podium Sunday. They are becoming as one.