Thompson Historic Festival 2015

A tale of 3 racers and another nicely administered event by the folks of VRG and Thompson Motorsports Park. A weekend of Two Triumphs with a pun intended, and a Lola. Lola driver Jim Montana and TR racer Kevin Goselin had plenty of practice Thursday. VRG really leads the pack in putting track time to good use. I showed up Friday and got the afternoon race in.

Two Triumphs, well yes, VRS had a 2 podium finish Friday. Jim 1st in his Lola and Kent 3rd in his TR Spitfire. Kevin’s Spit lost a tail shaft bearing which VRS lead tech Brian Newell worked hard on to help have all ready for some Saturday racing.

Saturday saw a win in for my Spitfire, a good race for Kevin and a bit of minor contact on track that put the Lola out. Sad but true and that’s racing about covers it. Rain from Tropical storm Bill moved in later on Saturday and Sunday. Racing in the rain has a place when chasing a championship, but this is vintage racing. Enough can go wrong in the dry so none of us tempted fate and we packed it in. Lots of track time for all and a nice event at which to savor some super summer speed. The photos tell the tale.