VRG at Palmer Motorsports, 2015

WOW, what a track!! The creators carved out a mountain to build Palmer Motorsports Park. This new track is a driver’s delight…E-L-E-V-A-T-I-O-N changes abound as this photo describes….and there’s more!! Dwarfed by the mountain…Bain and Brown Spits set the pace.


More we said in the last frame…have a look at the top to bottom here. A track of great heights--nicely done! Below right: Spits in the Pits.


Brown comes back to find a podium Finish!!

No…not 1st but come his last race of the weekend, 3rd was a nice racer’s repast. Tom started his road racing career with Vintage Racing Services decades ago running his trusty Datsun 510. He gravitated into SCCA racing and was lost to vintage for a few years…we tried and cried but...SCCA kept him up to speed. Then Tom realized that he was becoming “vintage” and the stage was set. Tom’s first return outing was at the SVRA Watkins Glen event in July where he took his time and eased into “historic thinking.” For round 2 he opted into one of the VRS rental Spitfires and off he went to find lots of good racing, great times and a Podium finish for his comeback!! Good Job Brown and good to see you back.


Brown and Bain: Team Spitfire at VRG Palmer 2015 with a pair of podiums!! VRG does a superb job, providing well-run and track-time focused weekends with wonderfully common sense approach. We had a blast and thanks to all. Especially the very quick Gary Hagopian who sure made us work for position politely!!